Zodiac Brave Story

In Ivalice, the legend of the Zodiac Braves is a set piece of the country’s past. The legend states that when Ivalce is troubled, the Zodiac Braves appear, bearing the 12 Holy Stones of the Zodiac, and save the country from destruction. After thwarting disaster, they disappear just as suddenly.

The legend is most prevalent in the time of St. Ajora, when the Emperor of the Holy Ydoran Empire summoned a mighty demon to fight for him. St. Ajora, along with the 12 Zodiac Braves, fought the demon and brought peace to Ivalice.

Each of the stones are representative of each of the Zodiac Signs, as shown in the skies.

The last appearance, partially at least, of the Braves was during The Lion War. The stones began to appear once again but The Zodiac Heretic began to kill those who bore them. This lead to his title and is theorized to have been the reason for The Lion War continuing as long as it did. Much hatred is directed at The Zodiac Heretic due to his perceived attempt to stop the Zodiac Braves from appearing to save the country.

Zodiac Brave Story

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