Dycedarg Beoulve

Dycedarg was born the first son of Balbanes Beoulve. After his mother passed away giving birth to Zalbaag Beoulve, his younger brother, he became a burdened child. The years before his father remarried, Dycedarg was the babysitter for his younger brother. This developed his social skills as Zalbaag Beoulve was difficult to control.

Dycedarg was trained in the military arts but favored the intrigues of the court. He pushed forward as a courtier to push the House into the spotlight. His father was reluctant, insisting that they were better to serve and let those more suited, and talented, in the courts to lead the country.

The next change in Dycedarg’s life came with the sickening and eventual death of his father, placing him in charge of House Beoulve. He let Zalbaag head the Hokuten, Ramza to move onward to the academy at Garliand Magic City and Alma to stay around the manor before her move to Orbonne Monastery.

The Lion War broke out, leaving Dycedarg to support Prince Larg. He was a trusted adviser and tactician for the White Lion’s movements. Despite his continued support, Dycedarg ended up meeting his fate at the hands of his youngest brother and was presumed killed by The Zodiac Heretic.

His legacy of strong, firm diplomacy remains a mainstay of House Beoulve.

Dycedarg Beoulve

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