Chap. 1 - Lord Angus Kenderick

Noble Lord, Shrine Knight and one of the Twins of House Kenderick


Age: 26

Height: 5’10”

Weight: 175 lbs

Birth Sign: Pisces

Lifepaths: Born Noble, Lord, Captain, Holy Military Order (Shrine Knight)

Reputation: Salvation Lies Through Faith, Deadly Swordsman, Death of His Mother

Traits: Mark of Privilege, Savvy, Disciplined, Your Lordship, Urbane, Night Owl

Belief: Trifle with me at your own mortal peril, Honor is simply the morality of Superior men; I uphold mine over all else, The faith is only so much old clutter to manage the meak; those who use it for more are beneath contempt.

Instincts: Always Strike first, When meeting someone new, introduce myself with my titles, Never be without some sort of weapon.


Born one of the Twins of House Kenderick and called the Death of His Mother, Angus Kenderick was his father’s chosen son despite the fact that Angus and his twin were the reason their mother died. Though not the heir to the house, he was groomed for the ruling of the house since he was very young. Artemis’ thoughts of what a man needed to rule lead Angus to be stationed as an officer in the military. Here he was trained in warcraft, the command of men and the arts of Omdolian swordplay. After his tenure in the service, he wished to continue to learn of tactics and the management of people so he turned to the faith.

In the Knights Templar Angus learned of tactics and paid lip-service to the faith though this is only known to his twin brother. Here he met many contacts through the Templar including Marcel Falk (now a Heresy Examiner) and Agrias Oaks (Co-commander of A&M Corps). He currently is on his own business as there are no Templar above him in rank.

As he returns home with armor shined, Shrine Knight robes billowing and blade in hand he awaits to see why his father has disappeared and why his elder brother requires his presence.

Chap. 1 - Lord Angus Kenderick

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