Chap. 1 - Annalise Kenderick

Guntoting Sailor, Mother-in-Secret and Prodigal Daughter of House Kenderick


Age: 28

Height: 5’7”

Weight: 135

Birth Sign: Aries

Lifepaths: Born Noble, Young Lady, Student, Engineer

Reputation: Salvation Lies Through Faith, Skilled Engineer & Weapons Handler

Traits: Mark of Privilege, Darling of the Court, It Just Might Work!, Ambidextrous, Curses Like a Sailor, Thick Skinned

Beliefs: My child will not become a pawn of my family, People must expand their mind beyond Church doctrine, Nobility is but a word

Instincts: I will always be in pursuit of a greater knowledge of weaponry, Draw first; talk later, I will always protect my son from harm


Born the fifth child of House Kenderick, Annalise was curious beyond her years from the start. She was doted upon and taught well over the course of her time in Court. Before she left for University in Goug Machine City, she was promised to Edmund Lard, a fellow child of the Noble families. The wedding was set for when she graduated from University. Her distaste for him was well known, yet she dealt with him with respect.

At University she fell in love with one of her professors, Mustadio Bunanza, and just before graduation she found out she was with child. Upon consulting with Mustadio and their Uncle Melchior, she fled onto the Relentless Wench, Melchior’s ship. Here she learned of the wonders of firearms and the freedom of being on a ship. She had her son, Xavier, and his first memories are of those men who worked the life of a merchant.

She understands her eccentric Uncle’s ways and is a minority amongst her family. She has kept her son, and her engagement to Mustadio, secret from most of her family, except her closest siblings.

Her noble demeanor is now shaded with the traits of the common sailor, such as a list of curses that would make most of the noble women faint. Despite this, her kind demeanor shines through and her history in the court keeps her in high regard, despite abandoning her arranged marriage. To aid in watching her son, Angus sent her a failed Page, Lars, to act as a bodyguard and babysitter while she is away.

Her return to Limberry with her son and Lars in toe will change all of their lives forever…

Played by Ashley

Chap. 1 - Annalise Kenderick

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