Judge Darren Vassar

Paragon of Truth, Disaproving Father and Supreme Judge of Ivalice


Age: 67

Height: 5’7”

Weight: 155 lbs

Birth Sign: Libra

Reputation: Paragon of Truth, Hardass

Traits: Hard-Hearted, Ornery, Rhetorical, Stern Demeanor, Cynical, Frustration with the Church, Odd, Iron Stomach.


Born into the lower class, Darren Vassar worked his way up into the higher echelons of the society in order to make life better for his children. Married at a young age during the Fifty Year War, he had children with every intention to raise them in a better world than he grew up in. From his days as a young, middle class lawyer to the days in the Court and then to the nation’s treasurer, he has climbed the ladder and made way for his children to be members of the nobility.

He awaits the future of his oldest children, Yorick and Cladius, to be revealed. Meanwhile, he continues to be a dutiful servant of his country as the controller of finances and funding. He looks at what his sons do with great interest, though with a cautious eye as the tiniest step could spell doom for their family’s dream of rising above their station.

Judge Darren Vassar

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