Francis Kenderick

Incorrigible Rascal, Consummate Inebriate and Prodigal son of House Kenderick


Age: 30



Birth Sign:




As much as Lucias Kenderick is a paragon of the honest, truthful ways of the faith, his brother is the shadow of that. Francis, the second oldest son of House Kenderick, is a consummate letcher, drinker and some would say hedonistic slob. While indulgent in his desires, he is by no means a fool. The money he was allowed was well invested in a prolific vineyard, yielding him not only his primary vice at a reduced cost, but it also generates income for him and his family. The sacred grapes of the Murond Glabados Church grow and prosper in the Kenderick Vineyards for without them, the church has no Holy Wine for its rituals.

Some would consider him a terrible burden on the house, but his siblings have learned much from him in the ways of the world and in managing the finances of an organization as large as the Kenderick house. However, his hedonistic ways are threatening to some in the Church, and soon enough his climbing need for pleasure could not only doom him, but potentially all those with whom he shares allegiance.

Francis Kenderick

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