New Age of Ivalice

Session 3: Escalation

Where a duel is fought, missions are assigned and the siblings leave court early

The session began with the duel between Gregorios Larg and Angus Kenderick. Both the combatants took the field and squared off. The fight took only a series of heartbeats, as Gregorios swung twice and Angus striking three times. As Gregorios Larg reared up to deliver a crushing blow, Angus darted in underneath, stabbing upward at Gregorios’ throat, slicing a severe blow to the larger warrior. As he fell bleeding on the floor of the battlefield, Angus stared at him and then left the field as the victor.

News came in soon after the duel that some buildings in Limberry Castle had burned down due to a mob that formed. The reason for the mob is an edict from King Delita that seems to have come from Mordecai Kiminski, the king’s adviser and ambassador from Omdolia. They must deal with the troublesome commoners soon or it could turn into full blown rebellion.

Narcissa took this as a time to gloat to her eldest brother at her victory not only in court but of Angus’ victory as well. Germaine went off to spend time with Nikolas Metaxas, his lover in secret. Annalise spoke to Mustadio before leaving the field of battle.

Angus was contacted by messenger in regards to taking the place of Gregorios Larg as the Man-At-Arms of the court in addition to a letter from Adrian Challaghan about an assignment. The details were to find the recently resigned court lawyer Yorick Vassar and to escort him (by force if necessary) to Adrian for questioning.

The siblings met up later that night as Angus calls them to discuss the details of his assignment. In his explanation, Angus mentions that he heard Adrian mention something in regards to The Zodiac Heretic. This leads Angus to ask if the siblings would accompany him, as their situation at court is a bit sensitive due to Narcissa’s meddling. The siblings decide to follow Angus and head for The Port City of Warjilis, where Angus believes Yorick may have fled. Annalise follows to help an acquaintance who has been imprisoned wrongfully for smuggling in Warjilis Port City.

On the way south, Annalise, Mustadio and Germaine head to the Kenderick Vineyards, where they had sent Lars and Xavier in anticipation of complications at Court. They pick up Xavier and Lars and take a boat from the coast to meet up with Narcissa and Angus. Before leaving, a resort near the coast burns down, leading to three fires in the last two weeks. During the time traveling south, Annalise notices that Angus is much colder and distant than she remembers him ever being.

Arriving in Warjilis, Mustadio heads with Lars and Xavier back to Goug Machine City leaving the siblings to their business. Before his departure, He and Annalise speak of the Lion War somewhat, with Mustadio ending up speaking little of the details of his time during the conflict. During a walk in the market, Germaine felt the need to behead a chicken that had crossed his path, in an attempt to find an animal to distill essence from to manufacture a magical item. This causes some distress as the chicken’s owner demands payment and when asked Germaine casts a spell and disappears from view, leaving his siblings to pay for the randomly killed piece of livestock.

The siblings begin their business in the city, starting with Narcissa looking up her contact. She finds him in the city garrison, locked up and awaiting trial. He believes that due to his small operation concerning the ‘quasi-legal’ obtaining of rare goods that the Bart Company, a business organization that is rumored to have illegal dealings including possibly drug smuggling, kidnapping and human trafficking. He believes that if he doesn’t get help from Bart Company’s only rival, House Vilaro, then he will end up dead, or worse.

Narcissa persuades the local magistrate to put off the trial for two weeks, which will give her enough time to contact Kyto Vilaro and ask for help.

Annalise and Germaine go in search of Angus, who has gone off on his own to search about town. They end up finding out that Angus has gone off with a young woman, one who works with a doctor in town, a Dr. Pavel Gebara. Upon arriving at his shop, they find out that Angus has gone off with his nurse and sister, Ilyena. They wait for Angus and Ilyena for a while and upon Pavel’s suggestion, they head for the nearest church. Here, they find Ilyena and Angus speaking, with Angus smiling and laughing with her. Upon seeing his siblings, he kisses Ilyena’s hand goodbye and leaves with his siblings.

Outside, Angus grabs Germaine and throws him at the wall, holding him there. In an angry tone, he explains that his blatantly disrespectful behavior, and the random chicken slaughter, could land him in hot water with the Heresy Examiners. They have been looking for a reason to suspect him of ‘decadent behavior’ for a long time. The session ends with the siblings considering where to go next as their lives are getting more complicated as events escalate.



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