The destructive civil conflict known as the Lion War came to an end 14 years ago. A new king, a commoner, sits upon the throne. The noble houses struggle to regain power, their bonds shattered from the loss of their leaders and many of their bannermen. The church officials attempt to fill the voids left by the devastation of The Zodiac Heretic. A new age dawns on the country of Ivalice as the major powers have been shaken to the core.

Who will lead its people onward? What is the fate of those who survived? Does the terror of War loom once again on the horizon?

Those of the New Age of Ivalice have yet to leave their mark. By their choices will the country’s future be forged, for good or ill.

Note: All ages on the NPCs are as of Year 934, the date for Chapter 1.

Chapter 1 – Year 934

The Kenderick family is one of many in the Noble Court of Ivalice in the days after the Lion War. Founded upon a belief in the Murond-Glabados Church they are seen as pious, trustworthy and loved by the people. The children of the house are much more then this stereotype. The story begins when the eldest brother and head of the house calls all the siblings home for an important announcement…

Chapter 2 – Year 935

The truths of the Church, the Lion War and the Zodiac Heretic are laid bare to the Kendericks in the infamous Durai Report. With all the siblings married and parents themselves, they must decide what to do with the knowledge of the real history of their country. And what is to be seen of the Lucavi, the demons of the Lion War, who are rumored to be rising once again?

Chapter 3 – Year 936

Ivalice is under fire. Civil War has erupted between the Crown and the Kendericks, the Lucavi plot the resurrection of their leaders, Ultima and Sigron and what of the mysterious Order of Apocrypha and the Men In Black? The Kendericks must find answers, lest the country they love burn to ashes around them.

It is time for the Kendericks to rise to power or fall forever.

Chapter 4 – Year 938

Narcissa and Germaine Kenderick awake from two and a half years recovering from mortal wounds, taken from the death of Alexander Metaxas. Limberry has fallen and is now under the control of House Orlandu. Lionel, with the death of House Vilaro, is under the control of House Kruger. Ivalice is at peace and much changed, and yet the Kendericks are not at peace. They desire closure, justice and vengeance.

The Lucavi run free and plot the conclusion to their war. The Order of Apocrypha plot to destroy the holy stones and usher in a new age. Many across the continent whisper of dreams…dreams of a mysterious stranger visiting them while they sleep; One who calls itself The Keeper of Precepts…

Is Ivalice finally at peace? Or does it stand silently on the brink of oblivion? Only the Kendericks have the power, knowledge and allies to change the fate of their beloved country, for better or worse…

New Age of Ivalice

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