These devices of the Ancient Civilization were built with one express purpose: to contain and utilize the power of the “Holy Stones” or Auracite. The Lucavi were contained and their immense powers put to good use thanks to the Ancient Engineers. Each of the Makhanakalia, or “Machine Cells”, serve a different purpose.

Virgo – “Fleon Schaft” (Flying Ship)

The device made for the Virgo stone allows a vessel attached to the device to traverse the thoroughfares of the skies. It is a oddly deformed sphere approximately 8 feet in diameter and weighing several hundred pounds. It must be placed in the geometric center of gravity of the device and when activated, a circlet is produced from the device. This piece of headgear is used to direct the flight of the attached vessel by the Pilot’s thoughts.

Aries – “Multischichten” (Multiple Shapes)

This large belt uses the power of the Aries stone to alter the shape of the wearer. It can only change the shape, not the size of the wearer.

Cancer – “Catena de Treuthe” (Chain of Truth)

A 4 foot long length of chain that, being powered by the Cancer stone, causes those wrapped in it to speak nothing but the truth. They can choose not to answer a question but should they speak, they must speak the truth.

Taurus – “Dauthus Stiria” (Death Stone)

This black, sharp pointed spherical object holds the Taurus stone within. When in the presence of someone who is near death, it begins to glow a dark purple and hum pleasantly. When someone dies near it, the device changes color to bright white and the spurs recedes, changing the stone into a pleasant symmetrical sphere. If brought near a woman of breeding age, she is asked telepathically “Will you accept the burden?” If she agrees, the stone’s white glow fades and the stone becomes black again, and the spines gradually grow outward.

The child born from that woman will be a reincarnated version of the person who died. The child will have the ability to speak with the person they were before, as an adviser.

Sagittarius – “Rudda Divinus” (Divining Rod)

This rod with a bulbous head uses the power of the Sagittarius stone. The stone can be used to locate any object. The user simply imagines the object they wish to find and then holds the rod out. The rod will point in the direction of the desired object.

Pisces – “Isytius” (Iceprison)

A giant stone and metal shaped column with a twenty foot high door comprises the machine containing the Pisces stone. Inside the doored chamber is a chain that hangs from the ceiling with a pair of manacles attached. If someone is chained into the manacles and the doors are shut, blue light erupts from within the chamber and cold fog begins to leak out. The person inside is encased in a timeless stasis prison of ice, shaped as a 12 foot long pointed cylinder, the chain and manacles hanging free from the ice sickle. The stasis can be undone by repeating the process with the crystal set inside.

Aquarius – “Destrugerier” (Destroyer)

When inactive the Aquarius Makhanakalia appears as a solid metal sphere with a engraving and an opening the size of the stone. Once the stone is inserted the sphere unfolds into a bipedal form with a series of five symbols on the front that light up once touched. When unlocked in the proper order, the chest piece opens up to reveal that the bipedal form is in fact able to hold a person. The legs, arms and head must be adjusted for a particular person to fit in it comfortably.

Once it is sized correctly, a person may step into the suit and use it as a living suit of armor. The suit modifies the users’ physical stats up one Shade. However, the only weapons that may be used are one’s arms and legs, unless a weapon is made for the large suit. The suit is armored as per Gray Shade Plated Chain mail, penalties and armor bonuses alike.

Libra – “Bilancia Scala” (Balance Scales)

This large model of two scales spans more than twenty feet in length and width. However, once the Libra stone in inserted the scales glow with an unworldly light. When two people sit on the large scales a mediator can speak a quality they wish to be exchanged. The two individuals feel shocking pain (B5 wound) and the stated qualities of each are exchanged, one for another, regardless of worth.

Capricorn – “Heitr Leht Kanonenfutter” (Hot Air Cannon or Lightning Cannon)

This large rifle-shaped object with grips for hands to hold it has an opening for the Capricorn stone. However, once the stone is inserted white-blue bolts of harmless electricity shoot up and down the barrel with terrible intent. The once harmless piece of metal and stone becomes a weapon of terrible intent. When the trigger is pulled on a target, a bolt of lightning shoots forward towards the target. This weapons acts as a ranged weapons that does the following damage.

1-2: B8

3-4: B12

5: B16

6: G4

Scorpio – “Physica Stabaz” (Physician Staff)

This lengthy piece of carved petrified wood holds an opening in the shape of the Scorpio stone. When the stone is placed inside the piece of stone becomes a potent healing tool. The device can be used to immediately heal any level of injury with just a touch that takes 4 actions in any combat encounter.

Gemini – “Sceadu Bebeodan” (Shadow Commander)

This device, a small dodecahedoron that casts no shadow and unfolds in half, is nothing until the Gemini stone is inserted inside it. Once done, the stone allows the user to send their shadow apart from them using it as a second sight. The shadow travels and the user sees what it does. It takes and Observation skill check Ob 4 or a Perception check Ob 8 to notice that a shadow is present and is not one cast by the occupants in the room.

Leo – “Segmentum Swerdan” (Segmented Blade)

Without the Leo stone, this piece of connected steel is nothing more than scraps. Once the stone is inserted though, this Makanakalia can become a potent weapon. Once the blade is drawn and swung the blades scatter and attack from various angles. This does terrible damage on an enemy:

Power: +8

Add: +2

VA: 4

Speed: Fast

Serpentarius – Guthan Machina (God Machine)

This device was the last made of the Makhanakalia and there is no documentation on it’s function. It has an opening for the Serpentarius Stone and the device is in the shape of a six foot tall pyramid.


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