Knights Templar

The military branch of the the church, the Knights Templar have protected the faith and it’s teachings since the start of the church. The titles of the church are as follows and have the following responsibilities.

Holy Knight: The lowest tier of the Templar are tasked with any duty, from guarding of churches, important people to tending the wounded and guarding pilgrims. They bear decorated paldrons (shoulder armor), gauntlets and greaves with their insignia embossed on them.

Temple Knight: These knights guard the holy sites, currently inhabited or not, from invaders, heretics and raiders. They command any Holy Knights sent on the same task. They are given blessed scarves along with decorated capes as sign of their office.

Shrine Knight: Shrine Knights are more free to travel as they wish and command both tiers underneath them. They are tasked with search for heretics, along with Heretic Examiners, crusades alongside the nation’s army and protection of the masses from bandits and beasts. To depict their office, they are given hooded armor robes of a color of their choice to depict their station.

Holy Swordsman: Few achieve the level of mastery to be considered a Holy Swordsman. These soldiers have mastered the arts of each of the stations below them. They are free to do as they please and give orders to any within the Templar, save the sole rank above them. Their respect and humility is earned through service to their faith and country. Many serve as advisers for nations, businesses and families.

Heavenly Knight: The highest rank in the Knights Templar, they command all but the High Priest and Chief Heretic Examiner. Their master of sword, tactics and the faith is nigh supreme. Most who achieve this level are those who will be marked as Saints once they pass. A number of them have ascended to the heavens through absolute devotion to the ideals of the church.

Knights Templar

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