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  • Queen Oveilia Atkascha Hyral

    One of the two successors to the throne, Oveilia ended up the victor of the Lion War. Adopted by the late King Omdalia, she grew up in the care of others, not knowing her father as well as she would have liked. For the majority of her life she lived at …

  • Edmund Larg

    At the end of Season 1, Edmund Larg was found guilty of High Treason (by Narcissa's hand) and sentenced to death to stop the imminent war with Omdolia.

  • Mordecai Kaminski

    An oddity in the Court, Mordacai is an ambassador from the neighboring country, Omdolia. He is a blessed member of the Ancient Order (also called the Old Faith), the faith that predates the Murond Glabados Church. Many view him with suspicion due to …

  • Talia Klein

    Talia is one of a select trained order of mages from Omdolia. She is a Truth Reaver, a mage that specializes in revealing the truth when absolutely necessary. She can dive into the minds of others just as easily as others can read books. They are …