New Age of Ivalice

Session 1: Homecoming
Where siblings return, ultimatums are issued and politicing beings

The siblings start separately in each of their own usual haunts in the early months of summer.

Annalise had just returned from her tenure as Engineer aboard her Uncle’s ship, the Relentless Wench. Here she sees her fiance, Mustadio Bunanza, again. Xavier, her son in secret, is happy to see his father and she prepares for a relaxing rest before returning to work on Mustadio’s designs for a new product.

Narcissa is spending time catching up with her brother, Francis. He is showing her the ins and outs of the vineyards he owns. She is informing him of the goings-on of the court and he is listening, wine goblet in hand. She tells him of her forbidden romance with Alexander Metaxas and how despite his marriage, she loves him.

Germaine is carousing at Riovanes Castle in Favoham with his lover, Nikolas Metaxas. Splitting his time between studying tomes of magic, exploring the north and resting with his lover, Germaine is happy.

Angus is studying at Orbonne Monastery, taking leave of his responsibilities to the other Knights Templar to chase down some leads that he suspects could lead him to a truth few would believe but should he find proof…

All of the siblings receive a letter from their brother Lucias that states:

“You are requested to return home for council of the coming Summer court. Events have come to pass that must be discussed amongst all of us. I will require your assistance in matters regarding the safety of our lands and homestead. Be in Limberry Castle prepared to meet on the first day of Midsummer.

Cardinal and Hand of the High Priest; Lucias Kenderick”

This gives each PC 4 weeks to prepare.

With a week to travel, by ship, Annalise works with her husband for two weeks and then sets out with her Uncle Melchior to Limberry’s coast by ship. She arrives second only to her eldest sister, Christina. They discuss her son, in secret of course, and Christina berates Annalise for getting involved with a middle-class man. When Annalise points out that Mustadio is a war-hero, a merchant and has plans for a new product of some value, Christina sees some value in that. She meets with Lucias for dinner and it is clear that Lucias is aggitated with her and her departure on a boat away from her arranged marriage.

Angus is the next to arrive, with their bastard half-brother Maximilian in toe. He greats his sisters but is significantly more sullen than they last remember him. He is quiet, stoic and unknown to his siblings, bears the robes of a Shrine Knight of the Knights Templar. He sees Lucias and there is coldness between them, despite Lucias’ optimistic tone at seeing his sibling in the faith as well.

Narcissa hears of the time and goes to Lesalia Royal City to see Alexander and spends two weeks with him, talking and romancing each other while Lady Metaxas remains at Riovannes Castle. While in the Capital, she hears many pieces of gossip:

-Lucias is making poor choices in the court. He pressed for a tax that would unevenly draw money from his province more than all the others, he argued and lost an easy case in front of the court and has been hot headed.

-Kyto Vilaro has been quiet as of late…not a good thing from a Spy Master.

-Alexander Metaxas has been passive in his passing of bills and seems to be deep in thought in court.

-Richtor Goltana negotiated a higher price on some of his province’s resources, citing increased costs of production.

-Gregorios Larg was rumored to have beaten his Mistress badly (possibly to death) in an furious rage.

After her two weeks in Lesalia, she arrives the day of the meeting and walks in last to the dinner, having no time to do much else.

Germaine arrives in secret and cloaking himself in magic, he secures a place out of walking path in the dining hall, leaving Nikolas in their combined inn room.

Each of the siblings are re-introduced and make small talk until Lucias beings. He starts the discussion with the ugly fact that rebellion is stewing in Limberry. He as head of house cannot deal with it himself so he delagates this to his silbings.

“Deal with this rebellion. We cannot be shown as weak in the eyes of the other houses or by our people. I don’t care how you fix it, just ensure it is troubles us no longer.”

His second announcement: Narcissa is to be betrothed to Gregorios Larg. The reason being to seal the houses together against House Metaxas.

After hearing the rumor, Narcissa is livid. A Duel of Wits ensues. Narcissa ends up winning but must compromise severely, partially due to her statement that she ‘is pregnant’ despite the fact that to her knowledge, she is not. Lucias and Narcissa decide that she will marry but to whom she will have a say. They will discuss it more at Summer Court, in two weeks.

The siblings go to dinner, Lucias furious at the outcome. Narcissa immediately sends a letter to Alexander Metaxas in Lesalia with the details of the argument.

The next day, the siblings start planning on how to find the roots of the rebellion. Angus states that ‘Cutting the head from the snake’ is the best way to put it down. The PCs each go about their business to find connections to the rebellion.

Germaine contacts an old acquaintance, Tiberius “Tibby” Kruger, a man who seems to have some less than legal connections. He needs a man released from jail for the information about the rebellion leaders.

Narcissa finds out the evidence for said main in jail is located in the 2nd floor of the south Garrison thanks to an argument with a jail guard.

Annalise, Germaine and Narcissa all research the case of Aaron “The Coin” (the man they need released) and prepare documents for a court case in his favor. Annalise wonders if the complaints of the rebels can be addressed politically and give them a little of what they want, which she asks Narcissa to discuss with Lucias. Her prep work is not enough to impress Lucias and she is sent away but his interest is peaked…he may listen.

The next morning, the South Garrison is found to have burned down, along with the attached orphanage. Maximilian is devastated as he spent much time there helping kids as part of his time as a Holy Knight.

The session ended with the PCs deciding to wait to hear from “Tibby” in regards to the rebellion.

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