New Age of Ivalice

Session 11: One Year Later...
Where children are born, politics heat up and a new diplomat arrives
Session 10: Autumn Court
Where Germaine is wed, a new Heretic is labeled and a Noblewoman is assassinated

The siblings awake for a series of legal encounters. Mustadio prepares for his confrontation with the church while Narcissa considers what to expect in her defense of Maximilian. Coincidentally, this occurs near the beginning of Fall Court. The following court cases were on the docket:

  • Mordacai Kaminski
  • Maximilian’s Assault
  • Angus’ charges from Adrian Callaghan.

Naricssa sends a servant to get a runner for A&M Corps while she writes a secret letter (which disclosed the true identity of Pavel Gebara to Kyto Vilaro in exchange for framing her husband Edmund for the death of Mordacai Kamkinski). She then approaches Annalise and Mustadio. She plots to walk into court disguised as Annalise with Mustadio on her arm. When the court case begins she will step up and if Edmund tries to interfere, Darren Vassar will no doubt hold him in contempt.

Annalise goes out in search of their eldest sister, Christina, and retrieves her son. Germaine searches out Kyto and Natsumi Vilaro. The wedding will occur at the end of Court as a fantastic send off to the new married couple. During the night, Germaine slips out under his Chameleon spell and walks into one their villa, searching for the guard wardrobe. He takes a set of clothes from House Larg’s Guards and escapes quietly into the night.

Upon discussion in the morning, the legal ramifications of falsifying her identity bring about issues for Annalise and Narcissa. Germaine sugguests he simply cast Chameleon on her and have her sneak into the Courtroom. This seems a better idea and they move forward. The siblings head to court, with Narcissa sneaking as best she can with no training in moving subtly. With some caution, the siblings enter the courtroom, though Angus turned himself to the Authorities that morning, lest he put his siblings in danger.

The review of Mordacai’s murder uncovers that Francis Kenderick had all security measures appropriate for such an occasion. The surprise comes when two servants are called to testify that they saw Edmund Larg talking with a black-coated individual in a dark corner and that this “dark coated stranger” was seen leaving Mordacai’s quarter not long after the approximate time of death. Next the infamous stable boy is brought up and Narcissa’s ‘affair’ is brought up before all of the nobility, damaging her reputation, perhaps irreparably.

Edmund is called to the stand and denies the accusations. Narcissa is called to confirm Edmund’s alibi, which she conveniently lies about him “stepping out for a few moments”. The Court is adjorned to deliberate and Edmund catches up with Narcissa.

  • Edmund: “We need to talk, now. Where have you been? You are my wife.”
  • Narcissa: “Not for much longer it seems, as you plotted Mordacai’s murder.”
  • Edmund: “You lied under oath. You have betrayed me. This isn’t over.”
  • Narcissa: “For a traitor, it is.”

The court re-conveins and finds Edmund Larg guilty of High Treason from murdering a diplomat and takes him into custody, to be discussed at a international tribunal to decide his fate and to prevent the war with Omdolia. The second case is brought forward with Maximilien’s charges of assault. Edmund is brought in as a witness since he was the one assaulted. Narcissa and the Larg legal council argue the charges. The compromise between the two parties comes to Maximilien’s compromise of one and a half months civil service.

Next is Angus’ two charges of murder. The prosecution is lead by none other than Marcel Falk who demands a death sentence. Narcissa fights for complete acquittal of all charges. However, despite her best efforts, Marcel bests her and Angus is labeled a Heretic and taken away, however with no severe harm to beset him. Germaine follows the Inquisitors out the doors of the courtroom and seeks to speak with Angus. He attempts to persuade an irritated guard to let him speak with his twin and persuades him to allow an audience. Angus declines Germaine’s offer of escape, remaining to face his fate with a stoic face and spirit.

Mustadio approaches Judge Vassar about his complaints but he is turned away, stating that his “common” status does not allow him to place such accusations. He is furious at this and asks Annalise to have one of her siblings bring forth said charges about the Church’s misdeeds. Narcissa takes the papers, forms and eye-witness statements to bring forth to Judge Vassar. Upon asking, Judge Vassar said he would examine the evidence…

Annalise visits Lucias who expresses his distaste at the situation with Maximilian and Angus. Lucias mentions the rebellion has died down. He mentions that Adrian and he don’t get along very well and that he will fight for Angus’ rights should an unfair verdict come down.

Annalise and Mustadio speak in regards to Lars’ whereabouts. Mustadio has no idea where is his, only that he had been interested in his book, a holy book that he and Annalise had spoken about before.

During the night, Germaine dons the House Larg taberd in his possession and heads over to House Goltana’s villa. Wandering around awkwardly, he is approached by a Goltana guard. He claims to be looking for the House Larg villa and when he receives directions, he walks away toward the House Larg villa. Once out of eyesight, he casts Chameleon and passes out in an alley.

Morning arrives and court is due to begin. Annalise informs Mustadio of Narcissa’s actions in getting Kyto to look out for the theft of House Bunanza goods. A letter arrives for Narcissa from Alexander in which he says that his wife has been killed on the way to the Capital. She replies with condolences and sends the letter off.

Court begins with each of the siblings walking into court, Germaine alongside Natsumi since they are betrothed. Alexander is not present and his vote are given to Angelos Metaxas. Gregorios Larg says not much at his introduction. The Goltanas demand higher taxes for continued mineral production as they have run into difficulties in their operating mines. House Vilaro is excited have his nephew, Xavier Bunanza, staying with him. He mentions some ‘interesting information’ but says no more.

Lucias disowns Angus in light of his heretic status. He also informs the court that Francis is now the heir-apparent to House Kenderick. The King announces that Edmund Larg has been found guilty of high treason and his fate will be decided at the Tribunal. The politicking begins and the Kendericks play their part in the hobnobbing.

Due to her panicked defense to hide her involvement with Mordacai’s murder, many of Narcissa’s childhood friends at court will not speak to her, as she admitted to sleeping with a stable boy. Narcissa heads over to speak with Richter but he does not speak to her and insults her, mentioning that he has stable boys that she can converse with instead.

Narcissa meets with Maximilian while he is in jail and he is just as upset with her as Angus was when he was in the same situation. Meanwhile, Germaine makes another pass at destroying the Goltana villa. Cloaking himself in his magic, he gathers some hay and starts a fire against the side of the villa. However, no one was seriously hurt but none the less the Goltana’s must request a new place to stay while at court.

While Annalise and Narcissa sit and talk, Narcissa admits to framing Edmund Larg, but in her hormonal pregnant state she cannot answer all of Annalise’s questions, storming out.

Court passes uneventfully and Germaine and Natsumi are wed, leading to a year of peace and quiet for the Kenderick family.

Traits Gained:

  • Germaine – A Bit Crazy
  • Annalise – Suspicious
  • Narcissa – Evasive
  • Angus – Heretic

Traits Lost:

  • Germaine –
  • Annalise –
  • Narcissa – Veneer of Obedience
  • Angus – Your Lordship
Session 9: A History Revealed
Where threats are made, an identity if revealed and another child is expected

Snort Count: 7-ish

The siblings read the Durai Report and the true history of the Lion War is laid bare. Ramza Beoulve, the princes Larg and Goltana, the rise of the Lucavi, the truth behind the holy stones and the fate of many powerful people are all revealed.

Annalise is entranced by the mention of an Graveyard of Airships, the broken technology of the Ancient Civilization. Narcissa sees opportunities for power grabs if she were to divulge certain information. Germaine, on the other hand, sees that the truth of the war was kept quiet by the church, yet another reason why they need to be humbled. He thinks that the Rebellion does not need to see the book, for they would throw the country into Civil War.

The debate begins on to tell Angus or not. With Mustadio still missing and his history revealed, it is even more important to find him now than ever. However, Ilyena Gebara being infatuated with Angus, and that they suspect she is Alma Beoulve makes thing more complicated. If their assumption is true, then Alma’s brother, Ramza Beoulve the Zodiac Heretic, would have other plans. Reading about his exploits and revealing his identity would be troublesome at best.

The first argument is between Annalise and Narcissa. Annalise wants to find Mustadio and Angus before speaking with Pavel and Narcissa wants to ask Pavel to help find Angus and Mustadio. Seeing as she has not been at court as long as Narcissa, Annalise is quickly argued down. They agree to only ask Pavel about Mustadio, but not to ask for his help nor reveal that they ‘know’ his identity. Next, Germaine and Narcissa argue concerning if they should tell Pavel that they know who he really is with Germaine saying no and Narcissa thinking they should. Narcissa wins and they agree on waiting to tell Pavel until after they find Mustadio.

Narcissa’s funding to repair Angus’ damaged armor goes through without complaint.

The siblings head from Golgollada Gallows to Warjilis Trade City to find and speak with Pavel Gebara. Arriving in the evening, they find that Pavel’s shop is closed. Annalise asks about Mustadio and Angus since she is known of in Warjilis, but to no avail. However, Germaine asks around and hears of someone similar to Angus’ description, though without armor and apparently almost caught stating his titles. He was eating and asking about people in the area. The siblings head to the tavern, which happens to be full of carousing people, mostly dock and warehouse workers.

Annalise doesn’t see anything out of the ordinary but Germaine, the flaming catamite that he is, starts making advances on various men, leading him to a card game where he recognizes Angus disguised, playing cards with the other men at the table. He asks for Angus to meet back at the villa, under the guise of a flirtatious gesture and leaves, dancing his way out the door.

On the outside, Germaine makes a sexual advance at a man standing outside with no success. Annalise is tired, pregnant and upset and drags him back to the Villa. The siblings await Angus’ return to catch him up on the revelation contained within The Durai Report. Annalise goes to sleep, tired from a long day of travel.

Three hours pass and Angus arrives to Narcissa answering the door. Angus’ face is bruised, unshaven and his arm is bandaged and in a sling. He demands for Annalise to be awoken and he promptly verbally assaults Narcissa for her ‘legal council’. He explains that after he was freed, he was cornered by Holy Knights who threaten him and then attack. He defended himself, ending up with two of the Templar dying from their wounds. Inquisitors, including Adrian Callaghan, who accuse him of murder and attempted to take him into custody. He hired a lawyer and was proven innocent based on lack of testimony.

Angus announces his resignation from the Templar. He suspects that Adrian will come for him, attempting to bring him to Orbonne Monastery where he would be tortured and eventually killed. Narcissa mentions that his ‘lover’ Ilyena is Alma Beoulve as Germaine sets the Duari Report on Angus’ lap. He is confused, but congratulates Narcissa and Annalise on their weddings.

Angus reads The Durai Report and is a bit pale.

Narcissa sees that Angus’ armor is damaged, again, and attempts to pay to have it fixed but cannot collect the personal funds to do so. He questions the assumption that Ilyena is Alma, though he is not convinced. They discuss making copies and distributing the Durai Report to the public. Angus brings up Mordacai Kaminski dying at her wedding and Narcissa denies it. With some prodding from her siblings she reveals that she has a lover, though this is not enough to sate Angus’ curiosity and he argues with Narcissa. The argument concludes with no one winning and Angus going to sleep.

In the morning, Narcissa is strangely ill, much to her dismay. Angus dresses his wounded arm and the go to visit Pavel Gebara. They ask him about Mustadio’s whereabouts but to no avail; he has not seen him. They reveal to Pavel the encounter Angus had with Adrian Callaghan and his eyes open in surprise and Narcissa says “Demons do exist”. Narcissa tries to leave but Angus stops her. Pavel demands she turn around and then belittles her comment. Pavel demands all of them leave in an angry show of a lack of belief in the faith.

Angus begins walking toward the church alone, though Annalise and Narcissa follow with Germaine casting Chameleon to hide Angus from view. Narcissa fumes as they approach the church with Angus going inside. With terrible plans to put in order, Narcissa starts to “leave” for “Lionel Castle” to “talk” to “her sister”. Annalise sees through this, threatens Narcissa with death if she tells Christina anything and goes to alert Angus, who is speaking with Ilyena Gebara.

Narcissa goes to hire a bodyguard from A&M Corps but fails to generate the funds and then heads back to the family Villa to collect her things, steals some of Annalise’s clothing and leaves Warjilis.

Angus hears of Narcissa’s leaving and races back to the Villa with Germaine while Annalise walks Ilyena back to her home.

Angus kicks in the door to the Villa and Narcissa exits out of a window and rushes to the stables. She dashes to the stables but encounters Germaine out the front door. He threatens to kill her if she tells anyone and Angus’ roar spurns her to flee. Mounting her horse bareback she gallops off as Germaine yells to Angus and gets horses out of the stable.

A chase ensues, with Angus rushing ahead and cutting off Narcissa with Germaine neck and neck. Narcissa tries to pull ahead while Germaine tires to shoot White Fire to scare the horse into stopping. Narcissa’s horse stops in it’s tracks at Angus’ horse rearing up, hooves flailing. Germaine’s spell fails, harms him, makes him pass out and fall from his horse to the speeding ground below. Narcissa dismounts and checks on Germaine.

Angus grabs her by the hand and demands, quietly, that she come back with him and Germaine to the Villa. She refuses and he leans in close to her face, terrifying her with his dark tone and a promise to strangle her in public should she even think to threaten Ilyena. Angus grabs Germaine and walks the horses back with a shell-shocked Narcissa in toe.

Angus stables the horses, tells Narcissa to wait in the common room. He places Germaine in his room and returns, grabs a chair and places it directly in front of her. She sits with her head hung low and he speaks quietly, clearly and with white-hot anger.

“Look at me in the eyes when I speak to you. I asked her something in the church and she was honest and straight forward with me. If you do what I think you’re going to, if you tell anyone about this and put her in danger, I will not hesitate to kill you and any of our siblings. You realize that I will kill our entire family to save her. Is this absolutely clear? Do you understand the situation you are in with the knowledge you have about her? I hope we don’t have to have this conversation again.”

He gets up and goes into Germaine’s room not long before Annalise and Ilyena arrive. Annalise asks Ilyena about Mustadio but to no avail, she knows nothing more than Pavel did. Casual conversation is had and Iylena checks on Annalise’s unborn child. Narcissa asks, hypothetically, if there are ways to get rid of an unwanted child, but finds nothing out from the nurse.

Annalise goes to check on Angus, finding him fuming over his brother’s sleeping body. They discuss Narcissa’s ambitions and the dangerous knowledge she now possesses having read The Durai Report. He informs Annalise that should Narcissa go too far, he will not hesitate to do what is needed to keep Ilyena safe. Expressing that Narcissa’s power-hungry nature will get the better of her eventually, he lets Annalise know not to get in his way when that day comes.

Narcissa tells Ilyena, quite bluntly, that Angus loves her and she is met with Ilyena blushing and looking quite intently at her shoes. She apologizes for something vague from her ignorance of Angus’ feelings. Annalise walks in and welcomes Ilyena to see Angus, which she does and puts her arms around his neck, standing behind him. Annalise closes the door and sits down with Narcissa. They discuss Narcissa’s decision to leave and despite her promises that she would not have done anything had she known Angus loved Ilyena, Annalise is not convinced.

Annalise goes to check on Angus while Narcissa stumbles into the kitchen, hoping to cook something at Annalise’s insistence. Against all odds, Narcissa manages to make oatmeal and informs all in the house of her rousing cooking success. Upon Ilyena’s request, Annalise leaves the two alone with an unconscious Germaine.

Germaine awakens to Ilyena sleeping on Angus’ shoulder. Angus locks eyes with Germaine he explains what happened during his unconsciousness. The rest of the day is spent recovering until Angus calls all the siblings to the common room and asks once again: where do they go from here? Mustadio’s location remains a topic of high importance. Germaine wishes to speak with Nikolas. Narcissa wishes to determine Maximilian’s fate from the duel with Gregorios Larg.

Ilyena reveals that she is indeed Alma Beoulve by mentioning her time at Orbonne with the then Princess Oveilia. They discuss why the stones call forth the Lucavi and that a person must have the corresponding stone to their own Zodiac sign. The siblings remember the tunnel where Zalera was fought in their adolescent home. Narcissa sends a letter to Lucias to determine the fate of their half brother, Maximilian while Ilyena leaves with Angus.

Three days later they arrive in Limberry Castle (via boat) and inquire to see Lucias. He informs them of troubling dreams. Things he is seeing that do not bode well for the province and announces that Richter Goltana has stopped export of steel. Edmund has also apparently sent more troops to ferret out Narcissa and it is rumored he has hired Bounty Hunters to bring her in. Max is hurt, not dead, but still wounded badly from his duel with Gregorios Larg. He will be brought up on charges of assault once brought to the capital to heal and then be tried. Lucias won’t allow Angus to be taken in by Adrian, he states that Adrian is a “power-hungry zealot”.

Narcissa offers her skills to defend Max in court and the siblings. Lucias states that he heard that Mustadio was in the Capital, pressing charges of theft against the Church. That they are stealing shipments of his goods. With this, the Kendericks head to the Capital.

Waiting at the Kenderick villa are Nikolas Metaxas, Mustadio Bunanza and Alexander Metaxas. Nikolas demands that Germaine break off his marriage to Natsumi. However, Germaine points out the advantages to being associated with a noble house, and points out to him that Lucias didn’t say they had to break off what they have. Nikolas is upset but understands the position and leaves in a huff.

Mustadio states that he was spying on his shipments and plans to bring forth the evidence to the King. She drags him off to speak about her new-found knowledge. Meanwhile, Narcissa runs off to plot with Alexander. After returning from her talk with Alexander, Narcissa and Germaine converse quietly, where she reveals that she did indeed plan the death of Mordacai Kaminski…

Session 8: War on the Horizon
Where the siblings reunite, a mysterious series of letters are received and the infamous Durai Report is found.

Snort Count: 19

The siblings receive letters that if they do not show up at Golgollada Gallows in two weeks, Nikolas Metaxas, Francis Kenderick and Mustadio Bunanza will all be murdered. Germaine begins researching Inquisitor Richard Palmer, but finds nothing of value.

Annalise awaits Mustadio to return and after a lengthy period of time, he does not show up. She begins to search for him but finds nothing, it seems Mustadio has vanished. She returns home to seek council with Germaine. He seeks out contacts in the rebellion regarding Mustadio but no one can be found in Goug, as it is far from the power-center of the revolution.

A letter arrives from Lucias regarding Germaine’s champion and that he/she will find him near the Bunanza estate while Lucias is returning to Limberry immediately, for he must find the culprit of the assassination lest war hit Limberry borders. A tall, blond man in Shrine Knight robes arrives in light lavender armor robes. The “Hand of the High Priest” Claudius Vassar has accepted the duel for Germaine Kenderick. He is cold, professional and offers his services in return for services. Claudius will fight for Germaine if he will assist him in the search for Yorick Vassar. Should he be wounded, Germaine must pay his family and the Templar for the loss AND serve in the Templar as an auxiliary member until Claudius can recover.

In addition, Claudius is to help Annalise with finding her husband. He collects the details and leaves to search for him. Annalise writes a letter to Meliadoul and Agrias that Mustadio is missing. Annalise receives the letter regarding the events at Narcissa’s wedding and that Narcissa will meet them near Golgollada Gallows in three weeks time.

Germaine starts to search for a small animal on the streets of Goug. He searches for a turtle on the coast, but settles on a crab. His search is frutiless and he attempts to buy one, only to find that he has no money to do so. He asks Annalise to buy a crab for him, which she does and wonders why he wants a crab. He proceeds to use the crab to try to enchant and

Meanwhile, at the Kenderick Vineyards, the queen does not return communication with Narcissa. She demands a list of the people at the wedding. The queen allows an audience and Narcissa finds out that Agents of the Crown are coming to the vineyard to investigate the murder. She is annoyed that this happened and lets Narcissa know that war may be due to her wedding. Edmund meets with Maximilian and Edmund demands an extension. Narcissa and Edmund argue in regards to the duel and how long to wait for a Champion. Narcissa wins but settles on waiting two more days for a choice of champion.

The duel is set between Claudius and Lord Tycho Kruger. However, Germaine and Lord Tycho argue in regards to if armor is to be worn in the duel. The first seconds of the duel end the conflict as Tycho delivers a stab to Claudius’ chest. However, Claudius splits Lord Tycho’s chest open like a melon with his axe, almost killing him (Persona point for Will To Live). Claudius will be out of commission, resulting in Germaine being “on-call” to the Templar.

Back at the Kenderick Vineyards, the Agents of the Crown show up in long coats, finery and wide brimmed hats. They commence to the business of investigating the murder of Mordacai Kaminski. Narcissa is confronted by the Agents about being outside the compound just before the murder (her secret rendezvous with Alexander). She panics and mentions her lover, though she lies and says that it was a young man from the stables. Bribing the stable boy to corroborate her story, her reputation will be scarred for this, but in the murder of Mordacai she is beyond suspicion. The Agents of the King collect their report and return with the Queen to the Capital.

The meeting to determine who will duel for Edmund Larg comes, and he produces a letter stating that his eldest brother, Gregorios Larg, will fight for him. Narcissa and Maximilian look at each other in doubt, for the Hammer of Larg bears a grudge against the Kendericks from the duel with Angus. Letters arrive for Narcissa, one from Christina (revealing that she is at least suspicious of Mordacai’s murder by Bart Company and congratulating her on her wedding) and one from Annalise asking her to come to Goug soon.

Rebellion continues in Limberry. Military power is being drained by putting down riots.

In Goug, Germaine boards a boat for Limberry. Annalise speaks with her father in law Bestrodio and he is distraught at his son’s disappearance. She receives a letter from A&M Corps stating that they are searching for Mustdaio. Annalise gathers up Xavier and goes with Germaine to Limberry in hopes of finding more information about Mustadio and in anticipation of the deadline to arrive at Golgollada Gallows. The trip is uneventful. Upon arrival a letter is sent to inform Narcissa that her siblings are waiting for her in Limberry. Germaine inquires about getting a young woman a job in Limberry Castle and finds his contacts in the Revolution. No one in the Rebellion knows of Mustadio’s kidnapping.

Germaine gets a letter from Nikolas and all three siblings receive a letter concerning Angus and how he must be returned to Lesalia regarding the murder of members of the Knights Templar…odd as he was in jail until just two days ago. Narcissa attempts to return to Limberry but is stopped by Edmund Larg. He demands that she is coming with him to Igros Castle, but she leaves as Edmund has a handful of guards compared to the hired force of the Kenderick Vineyard. Narcissa leaves quickly, fearing the response of her husband to her disobedience.

Meanwhile, Germaine casts Chameleon and investigates a guard garrison, follows a Lead Guard and documents his path. Narcissa arrives at Limberry Castle that morning and is brought up to date on the events in Goug. As they speak in Annalise’s chambers a servant mentions that House Larg guards are asking for her at the front gate. She tells the servant to lie to the guards and say she is not there. However, the servant returns and relates that the guards are rather insistent.

The sisters have Germaine awoken and ask him about a amulet to make Edmund’s torture more bearable. Annalise mentions that if the guards take Narcissa away, will she be able to make it to Golgollada Gallows in time to save Francis. Germaine casts Chameleon on Narcissa to hide her just before three House Larg guards force their way in. The siblings argue with the guards as they start to look around Annalise’s room…to which she and Germaine object. When told to leave, the House Larg guards threaten Germaine with bodily harm, and he calls Kenderick guards. Seeing that bloodshed is imminent as the guards begin to yell at each other, Annalise sends a guard to get Lucias. Germaine takes more immediate action and after demanding they leave, he blasts them with White Fire. The white-hot lightning cooks the Larg troops to burned husks and passes out from the Tax. Narcissa becomes visible and Annalise is upset at the burnt, dead people, burnt carpet and terrible smell in her personal quarters.

Germaine is brought to rest in his quarters. Narcissa promptly leaves before Lucias shows up, exiting the castle. Lucias arrives and is furious when the reasons are explained. In perfect timing, Narcissa ‘shows up’ in the Castle, Lucias changes his tune and promises to bring the complaints to Gregorios Larg and King Delita Hyral. He gets permission from Narcissa to enter the Vineyard once to speak with the Largs regarding this invasion of his property.

The siblings gather planning on how to get to Golgollada Gallows in time. Seeing that they have some time to burn with a boat path between Limberry and Warjilis, Annalise suggests they investigate the rebellion while they are home. Narcissa contacts a friend, Elizabeth Kruger, and runs into an old family debt with Elizabeth’s largest contributor. She pays him, Yohan Peterson, and he refuses to divulge any information with her. Germaine contacts Tiberius Kruger and asks him to spread misinformation about the rebellion. When Annalise looks for people involved with the Rebellion she finds nothing conclusive, only rumors and conjecture.

A letter arrives from Francis concerning the conflict between the House Larg guards. Lucias confronted Edmund and put him in his place.

Germaine warns Zahira that the rebellion is weakening his country and asks her to direct it elsewhere, namely to House Larg. He arranges a meeting with Zahira and has Narcissa accompany him. She is blindly brought to a meeting point where she argues with a man in command of the revolution. Narcissa wins the argument and if she lowers taxes on the peasants, the Rebellion will move to Gallione.

The siblings head to Golgollada Gallows with a stop in Lionel Castle. Annalise leaves her son Xavier with her eldest sister Christina and is happy to see his cousins. Kyto speaks with Germaine about the wedding and sets the date for Fall Court. Christina takes Narcissa aside for a ‘chat’.

The travel to Golgollada Gallows and think about the fate of St. Ajora’s fate. Upon arrival at the abandoned fortress they find a bag on the Gallows. Inside the bag is a large, leather-bound book inscribed with the title:

“The Durai Report” by Olan Durai

Session 7: Kenderick Weddings Coast to Coast
Where the daughters of House Kenderick wed, duels are issued and a diplomat is assassinated

Germaine visited his brother in jail before leaving the Royal Capital of Lesalia for Annalise’s wedding with a stop in the Port City of Warjilis. Before he leaves, he receives a letter from Lucias that states that Francis, Angus and Maximilian are to attend Narcissa’s wedding, while Germaine, Christina and he would attend Annalise’s wedding.

Annalise arrived in Goug Machine City to prepare for her wedding. Her bodyguard Lars had recovered some from his broken leg and was moving around on crutches. She relaxed and spent time with her son until a message arrives stating the arrival of her eldest sister, Christina. In toe were her six kids and her husband Kyto Vilaro who also brought along his sister, Natsumi Vilaro.

Christina arrives at Annalise’s home and inquires as to Xavier’s kidnapping. Annalise dodges the question and withstands Christina’s jabs about Mustadio being born middle class. She also comments on Angus being in jail, unable to attend any of the weddings, in disdain. Christina mentions that she had seen at least three different flags from A&M Corps in town. Christina leaves as Annalise wonders about who Mustadio invited.

She awaits Mustadio to return from work and asks for the guest list. She notices among the guests he invited Agrias Oaks, Theo Larg, Meliadoul Tingel and strangely, Pavel Gebara. She also receives a letter from Lucias asking to walk her down the aisle.

Narcissa arrives in Lake Poescas and receives letters; Edmund Larg has already arrived and that she has an unexpected V.I.P, Queen Oveilia with Mordacai Kiminski as an attendant. Immediately finding Francis, Narcissa asks Francis to walk her down the aisle and he accepts. Francis expressed some interest in the Queen but Narcissa quickly reminded him that she is married…to a war hero…and a King. She inquires about Francis perhaps having some type of chemical that when added to a drink would make someone sleep rather suddenly. He checks for her and gives her a list of attendees.

While looking over her list of attendees she realizes that no one has seen Nessarose Gebor (the Kenderick’s nanny) since they all left home. Maximilian has no idea where she was, nor does anyone in the Kenderick family since she left suddenly a few years back. To try to make up for the legal issues, Narcissa sends a letter to Lesalia to pay for parts of Angus’ armor to be repaired, which she would pay for herself. Narcissa arranges a meeting with Alexander Metaxas before going to a rehearsal dinner with the Larg family, to meet her husband.

Edmund brings along his elder brother Shavok and his elder sister Marta. Narcissa sits down with Francis on her right and Maximillian on her left. Shavok is polite and introduces himself with flair while Edmund is quiet, distant but polite. He had changed much since the last time they had seen each other, years ago at court. This was prior to Annalise refusing his marriage offer and fleeing to spend five years on her uncle’s boat.

The dinner went nicely enough until Narcissa brings up the duel between Angus and Gregorios. While Shavok is thrilled to be in charge, Marta eyes Narcissa and begins trading barbs with her. Narcissa comes out the wittier of the two, resulting in Marta taking a verbal stab at Maximilian’s bastard status. He tries to rein in the conversation and succeeds only in drawing Marta’s attention, then putting her in her place politely with a mention of proving himself through actions and not through his birthright,and if Marta could say the same…

The dinner gets quiet until Edmund speaks of his role in the house, proving to Narcissa that he is very knowledgeable in the goings on of House Larg. She leaves the dinner for a midnight rendezvous with Alexander Metaxas to discuss plans for after the wedding. He could not spend the night with her since his wife was along and they parted, a bittersweet occasion ahead of them both.

Meanwhile, Germaine arrived in the Port City of Warjilis to speak with Pavel Gebara. Making his way to Pavel and Ilyena’s shop, but the Doctor is with a patient. Ilyena is shocked at Germaine arriving (he is Angus’ identical twin) but is happy to see him. Germaine pleads the case of Princess Anastasia, stating that despite her standing she is a little girl who is gravely ill. Pavel enters from the back room after an appointment with a young woman.

After pleading the case of the Princess to Pavel, he mentions that he has a pressing appointment in Goug Machine City. Pavel is a touch rude and prickly on the topic of the Plague, stating that he does not “jump at the beck and call of nobles”. He says he will give it more thought and sends Germaine on his way. Ilyena apologizes for Pavel’s actions, stating that he had a few sick children come in that day which lead to his sour behavior. Ilyena is surprised to find out that they will be attending the same wedding, and traveling on the same boat.

Germaine sends a letter to Narcissa Kenderick saying that they have to meet after her wedding and then departs to Goug. He sits down to fill Ilyena in on Angus’ plight and the court cases that occurred in Lesalia. As the night wears on, Germaine notices that Pavel is wearing a sword underneath his long coat.

Meanwhile, Annalise prepares for her wedding and receives notice in the morning that Lucias has arrived. She asks Mustadio’s advice in Lucias’ offer to walk her down the aisle, and her advises that it would be the most proper for Lucias to giver her away. He mentioned her uncle Melchior and how he and his sailors must be on their best behavior. She meets him on his boat, the Relentless Wench, and demands that he keep his men sober (until the reception) and that they must be clean and well dressed. Melchior mentions her unborn child and congratulates her on the joyous occasion. He mentions that the nobles there will be troublesome and that he has seen men in black coats with ‘odd’ hats that he is not sure who they work for.

She gets Xavier convinced to wear his formal clothes for the wedding but she promises that Uncle Germaine will show him a magic trick. Lucias comes calling in his red Cardinal robes and greets her the most politely she had seen him since she returned. She makes him promise to behave nicely at the ceremony. Mustadio greets him and he confirms details for the wedding.

Mustadio opens the door at a knock to reveal armored figures, two women in fact. The women are Meliadoul Tingel and Agrias Oaks. Mustadio welcomes them and Lucias greets the two former Knights Templar and the women give Lucias an odd look. Meliadoul and Agrias introduce themselves to Annalise and depart to take care of business in town. Lucias departs but tells her to tell Germaine to find him when he arrives.

Evening arrives in Goug Machine City and Germaine makes his way to Annalise’s home. Xavier hears his uncle and asks for a magic trick. Germaine proceeds to cast Chameleon on Xavier, making an excited 6-year old invisible, who then proceeds to cause havoc around the house. Annalise demands that he take the spell down and Germaine simply laughs. Annalise draws a gun on him and his response was to cast Chameleon on himself, overtaxing him and causing him to pass out, ending the spell on Xavier.

Narcissa sends a receives a letter with details to meet a representative of Bart Company, where she reveals the location of Mordacai Kaminski at her wedding. The representative leaves and she returns to get dressed for her wedding, and she is visited by the Queen. They have a conversation about marriage, children and the burden of nobility. The Queen was somber and quiet for a monarch, though polite and proper. She kindly reprimands Narcissa for arguing with Lucias in front of the entire court and leaves in peace.

The weddings occur on the same day. Annalise is called upon by Lucias and she accepts his offer to walk her down the aisle. During the ceremony, there are a pair of the men in black coats and hats watching the proceedings, but otherwise it concludes without incident. Before the reception, Lucias pulls Germaine aside to speak in a room.

Inside, Kyto and Natsumi Vilaro are waiting. An arranged wedding is setup between Natsumi and Germaine, upon threat of disowned should he refuse. After the papers are signed and Natsumi and Kyto depart, Lucias speaks frankly with Germaine; he does not care if Germaine remains with his ‘lover’ but he must be married so their house can have connections should the worst happen. Lucias wants to insure that if House Kenderick falls, that the siblings are all taken care of. Though he disapproves of Germaine and Nikolas, he understands and hopes that he will make Natsumi happy. Germaine returns to the reception in a dark mood, pondering thoughts of is own future.

The reception begins with toasts, cheers and merriment. However, a series of lordlings are seated by some of Uncle Melchior’s sailors. They are trading banter back and forth but it seems as if the banter could get out of hand. Germaine sees the potential conflict rising and begins to water down his wine, giving the perception that he is more inebriated than he is. Annalise sees that one table consists of Meliadoul, Agrias, Pavel and Ilyena. Making her way to her uncle, Annalise warns him that his men are treading on dangerous ground with the lordlings.

One of the young lords rises, taking a comment personally and challenging one of the sailors to a duel. The sailors and lordlings head outside and uncle Melchior cannot interfere, lest his position of power be compromised.

Meanwhile, Narcissa’s wedding is much more pomp and circumstance. Music, people in expensive clothing and extensive decoration abound. The ceremony is quick and the reception is quickly attended to. Narcissa speaks with Mordacai Kaminski first, talking of the King and his sick daughter. He stated that he is staying at the vineyard quarters and Narcissa agrees to send him a letter. She mingles, dances with many people and the evening carries on into the wedding night.

Much to her dismay, she finds that Edmund is a monster. A man who delights in causing pain to his new wife while they share their first intimate evening. She is horrified, furious and terrified as she flees to find Alexander Metaxas. He is enraged at this information and upon returning to the vineyard quarters, they return along separate paths to find out that Mordacai Kaminski has been found dead in his quarters, with his throat slit,, hanging from the ceiling with his fingers severed. Shavok Larg and Francis Kenderick are the only two allowed to see the scene of the crime. Edmund sees her and orders her to return to their quarters. The night is a fitful one full of tension as the knowledge of imminent war spreads like wildfire.

Back at Goug, Mustadio runs to Annalise and finds out about the coming duel. Germaine, Annalise and Melchior head outside as Mustadio stays behind to watch their son. The sailors and young lords are circling with the two duelists in the center, preparing to trade blows. Annalise calls a stop to it, but to no avail. Germaine steps up and challenges the lordling, as he is disrespecting Annalise and her wedding. Stating that the young lord cannot face him, much less Angus, he had best step down. The lordling is not impressed and says that once he is finished with this common-born sailor, he is coming for the Kenderick mage. The sailors and lordlings leave the area at Kyto Vilaro’s demand to duel elsewhere.

Annalise approaches the table of Meliadoul, Agrias, Pavel and Ilyena. They wish her the best on her wedding day, with Meliadoul hugging her in congratulations. Meliadoul and Angus share the same distant, vacant look…

Germaine speaks to Lucias, who offers to find a member of the Knights Templar to champion for him. A letter arrives for Germaine the next day which states that the lordling, a Lord Tycho Kruger, survived and awaits to duel him in three days. Germaine speaks with Kyto Vilaro and cannot offer any information on the Zodiac Heretic that he doesn’t not already know.

Narcissa awakes the next morning and finds Maxmilian, explaining the details from her previous night. Her half-brother is furious and storms with her to their quarters, cuffs Edmund in the face and challenges him to a duel. Edmund is shocked and appalled at the challenge, stating that he will fight via champion and tells Narcissa that they are leaving for Igros Castle as soon as the duel is complete. Narcissa refuses to follow him and Edmund only smiles.

Letters arrives for Annalise, Germaine, Lucias and Angus that states the details the way Edmund tortured her on her wedding night and that Mordacai Kaminski has been assassinated, meaning that war with Omdolia is on the horizon…

Session 6: Narcissa Kenderick's Legal Council
Where dubious legal counsil is given, shady deals are made and a mysterious figure is briefly seen.

The session began with the follow-up to each of the cliffhangers.

Narcissa confronted her brother about the letter she had received, which was not signed or sealed with a crest. He explained that he remembers little but that he impaled Adrian Callaghan, who looked down at the wound and simply insulted him ominously. Angus was then shot by Adrian’s White Fire, which burned him and destroyed part of his armor. He then fled to Narcissa’s quarters and waited for her return. She called for a doctor to nurse his wounds.

Germaine stood to face the Inquisitor and the Holy Knights that accompanied him. The polite inquisitor introduced himself as Richard _ and added that he only needed to bring Germaine, and Germaine alone, to the capital to speak with a Judicial Panel as to some assault charges. Germaine left peacefully and found that the inquisitor was kind, caring and generally peaceable to be around.

Annalise sent for her husband immediately upon seeing her son kidnapped. She checked on Lars, who had broken a leg and had servants take him to a doctor. Mustadio came running shortly to check on her and get details. They received a letter that states a tremendous ransom, including a significant amount of money and the deed to their most prolific mine. A 5 day deadline was given and a bloody tissue inside the letter contained a warning.

A small, severed ear.

Mustadio then went upstairs and opened a chest that had been, until now, locked and stowed away. Inside it contained well-made armor and a series of masterpiece-grade firearms. With two pistols and one large longarm, he sent a message and began to don his armor. Just before leaving, he had a furious fight with Annalise and then left, telling her that he would take care of it.

Once at Lesalia, Germaine finds out that he is to face charges of magically assaulting a Heresy Examiner, one Marcel Falk. Narcissa takes the position of his legal council, despite her lack of knowledge of the law. A magistrate was appointed to serve as the prosecution, presenting to the Judicial Panel, consisting of Judge Darren Vassar, King Delita Hyral and Chief Heresy Examiner Adrian Callaghan.

In an opening statement proving a lack of evidence and witnesses, Germaine was acquitted of the charges with no consequences. The next case was a charge of assault on a Heresy Examiner, one Adrian Callaghan by Angus Kenderick. Narcissa and the Magistrate argue back and forth ending in Narcissa’s victory, but with some concessions. Without much debate, Narcissa settled on Angus serving a month in jail for the charges, leaving Angus livid at sacrificing a month of his life in a cell.

Germaine and Narcissa spend some time in the capital, contacting various sources and making deals. Narcissa meets with her lover, Alexander Metaxas, and tells him of the goings on, including her brother’s encounter with Adrian. Upon leaving court, she is called to speak with the King. He responds to her letter (which she sent upon hearing of the princess falling ill) and asks her to find whoever can help, regardless of the price and that her reward would be grand.

Annalise waits patiently, though the secret compartment in Mustadio’s desk was a source of curiosity. She tried once again to pick it and in a fit of frustrated rage, shot open the compartment, damaging the documents within. Upon reading them the papers detail the movements of a few referenced people in Ivalice, and stating that something was a hidden threat within the nation and that they should ‘keep aware’. After reading the letters, Annalise eventually went to Bestrodio’s house for comfort. At her soon to be father-in-law’s home, he regails her with stories of Mustadio prior to the Lion War, including the mention of a small, yellow stone…

The next evening, Annalise is woken from a dead sleep by the door opening to reveal her husband-to-be and a tall, darkly cloaked figure holding her son under it’s cloak. Xavier was not missing an ear and Annalise put him to bed. The darkly cloaked figure left without so much as a word. Upon seeing his writing desk, he reprimanded her for prying into his private business and reminded her of his promise to tell her all once they are married.

Narcissa confronted Judge Darren Vassar and tried to argue for a lesser sentence. She was taken aback at the old man’s ability to argue and ended up settling on the same sentence, but not by much.

Annalise received Narcissa’s letter about their brother’s legal plight and Annalise arrived in Lesalia as the court dealings were concluded, only to turn around and return to Goug Machine City to prepare for her wedding. Narcissa left the capital to prepare for her own wedding in the Kenderick Vineyards near Lake Poescas.

The session ended with the sisters preparing to be wed on separate sides of the continent.

Session 5: Turning of the Tides
Where an inquisitor is barbequed, weddings are planned and an uncertain future is faced by many

The session began with the siblings parting ways in Warjilis. Upon hearing news of Nikolas Metaxas (Germaine’s lover) being escorted back to his home of Riovanes Castle by A&M Corps troops, Marcel Falk, the Heresy Examiner, wanted to see him and ask a series of “privileged” questions. As Angus is a friend of both Agrias Oaks (heading the A&M Corp escort) and Marcel Falk, he is headed to Dorter Trade City to mitigate the potential conflict. Germaine wished to tag along to help his lover at all costs…but before he left he went in search of Zahria Kasabien, the terrorist. In his failed search, he was found by a man in a long, black coat and wide rimmed hat that told him in not so many words.

“Don’t look for her. Go home little boy, this conflict is more than you can handle.”

Meanwhile, the sisters receive correspondence from previously sent letters. The letter Narcissa sent to Shavok Larg was replied with comments about his own betrothal, which shot a hole in her plans to wed him instead of his weakling younger brother, Edmund. She also received contact from her brother Francis about the legal side of her marriage and ownership of the vineyard when she is part of another family.

She also received a letter from Alexander Metaxas about his brother Nikolas and Chief Heresy Examiner Adrian Callaghan’s interest in said younger sibling. With this news in hand, both sister headed to Limberry Castle by boat to confer with Lucias in regards to the new developments. In the meantime waiting for said letters, the sisters did research into the Zodiac Brave Story and the zodiac stones.

Arriving in Dorter Trade City, a meeting was struck between the Mercenaries of A&M Corps and the Inquisitors of the Church. Agrias had made it very clear that she would not allow her charge to be taken anywhere but to Riovanes, regardless of the reasons the church has. Marcel was tolerant and polite but none the less had orders to carry out. When his questioning of Nikolas was complete, he stated he would need to take Nikolas away to Orbonne Monastery (where many have gone for ‘questioning’ and never returned). Marcel’s holy knights would be a difficult obstacle to overcome to defy him. Agrias was just about to voice her obstinate disagreement when the unthinkable happened.

Germaine blasted Marcel and his knights with White Fire, leaving little but ash of the holy knights behind and leaving Marcel in seared ruins.

Angus, Germaine, Agrias and Nikolas run from the scene. After a short and terse conversation, Agrias leaves with Nikolas, Germaine follows a day behind and Angus leaves for the capital. Agrias and her troops get Nikolas to Riovanes and Germaine discovers an abandoned desert complex in his trip across the Zeklaus Desert. Germaine sent letters to his sisters before his departure explaining that Marcel had threatened him and Nikolas as magic users, and in his eyes therefore enemies of the faith.

Angus arrives in the capital and investigates the reasons behinds Adrian Callaghan’s search for Nikolas and the fate of Marcel Falk. His search turned up some disturbing facts about the Heresy Examiner and upon confrontation with him, Adrian loosed White Fire upon him, searing his armor. Angus charged and dealt a crushing blow to the dark-haired man, only to see Adrian stare at him and state, nonchalantly:

“Your struggles cannot harm me, mortal.”

Narcissa and Annalise arrived in Limberry and talked with Lucias. He expressed interest in them expediting their weddings and in the status of the rebellion. They explained to him Adrian Callaghan’s search for Nikolas and Lucias was disgusted with Adrian’s behavior. After a brief talk with their half brother Maximilian, Annalise boarded another boat to Goug Machine City to plan her wedding and see Mustadio while Narcissa sent a letter to Alexander explaining that Lucias was most likely not behind Nikolas’ potential abduction.

Narcissa further planned her wedding and just before departing to the Royal City of Lesalia, she heard Draco Nar’Orlandu and Felix Durai were in Limberry. Stopping by to see them and hand deliver an invitation, she found them pouring over papers that mentioned “Yorick Vassar” and the name “Holtburg” and as she left, she managed to hear Felix Durai mention ” brother…”.

Annalise arrived in Goug, work on some weapons and mine shaft design and discovered that Mustadio has had some shipments disappear on route to Warjilis Port City. The shipments contained gunpowder, cannon parts, gun parts and the tools to assemble them. Annalise suspected the rebellion and Mustadio mentioned asking A&M Corps and how Agrias and Meliadoul get angry very quickly…(with no mention of how he knew this). When she asked him further, he mentioned he knew them in the war. Later that night, Annalise secretly watch Mustadio send a sealed message from a locked secret compartment in their literature desk. She attempted to pick the lock but to no avail.

Germaine met up with Nikolas and found out that Zahira knows his situation and asked for him to join in her rebellion. Upon agreeing, he received a letter from her with pages from a journal…the Journal of the Meager.

Narcissa arrived in court and addressed a letter from Francis concerning the vineyard and some pests that could potentially ruin a harvest. She contacted a ‘fruit expert’ to assist him and sent her to the vineyards. She contacted Alexander Metaxas and they spoke on many points, including Germaine and his ‘situation’, the men in the black coats who are rumored to be intensely dangerous ( and who apparently don’t work for either House Vilaro or Bart Company), the status of the princess and he recounted his experience at the Horror at Riovanes and how it could not have been anything human that committed that terrible crime. Narcissa brought him up to speed on their goings on, including the status of Yorick, the Durai report, the papers Germaine had found and the impending marriage.

When going to court the next day, Narcissa found out that the princess Anastasia had fallen ill, and it rumored to be the Plague. No one at court had heard of a doctor with the skills to cure her, though her mind wandered to Pavel Gebara…

The session ended with three separate earth shaking events:

...Germaine was studying spells in the Riovanes Library with Nikolas when the doors open to reveal two Holy Knights and a man garbed in an Inquisitor’s robe…

...Annalise comes home and in her search for Xavier within her house, sees him, from her balcony, being taken away yelling by two mysterious men and then Lars (her bodyguard for Xavier) fall from the roof to the ground with a wet thud…

...and Narcissa received a letter (which is not signed) reading that Angus had brutally assaulted the Chief Heresy Examiner Adrian Callaghan and had been disbarred from the Knights Templar, only to find him bloodied, armor partially melted and with a broken sword in her bedroom, looking up at her and saying:

“Perhaps Germaine and I are twins more than we thought…”

Session 4: The Bloody Chase
Where a renegade is found, a chase ensues and a lost doctrine is discovered

The session began with the Kendericks leaving for their respective destinations. Narcissa leaves for Lionel Castle to talk with their eldest sister Christina and their brother-in-law Kyto Vilaro, head of House Vilaro. She asks him for help in regards to her friend who was imprisoned for ‘smuggling’ of illegal goods that he was caught with, despite his claims of not being involved with the claims.

Annalise took a boat to Goug Machine City to see Mustadio and Xavier. Upon arriving, she was reminded of the events that led to Mustadio becoming involved in the Lion War. When he had just started working in the mines looking for technology he had needed funding. Bart Company had been the organization that funded him. However, when Mustadio discovered a yellow stone, one that when brought near dormant Old Civilization technology would make them howl. When he refused to hand the stone over, Bart Company kidnapped his father. Only with Ramza Beoulve’s help did Mustadio rescue his father. He then stormed out, though when she apologized he promised to tell her everything once they were married.

Germaine spent the time without his sisters nearby to work on removing the quickness of the chicken and distill it down to an enchanting essence. With hard, long work he managed to pull the quickness of the fowl into an amulet, which he presented to Angus with an apology for the way he had been acting. Also, after completing his ‘tasks’, Germaine received the promised reward of a cracked, ancient leather tome. The title translated as “The Zodiark Scriptures” and contained information regarding the Eleven Angels of the Faith. The book detailed the Gods’ other creations, listed in three groups. First, the Fallen Ones; Second the Darkened Scions; and third The Exile. Each of these ‘beings’ were each in their own way flawed but powerful in their own way. Coincidentally, each of these beings were connected to a particular sign of the zodiac…

Just before her return to Port City of Warjilis, Narcissa heard that a rich, noble man of the law was staying in town. Upon a visit, she found it to be Yorick and his bodyguard, Hero. Speaking with him she found out that in his early days his first case had been defending Olan Durai in his heresy case. He expressed his distaste in defending an impossible case, much less one he thought was unfair…since he had read the Durai Report. His only comment was that history is written by the victor. Before leaving, he told Narcissa that his plan was to escape east to Omdolia, since the country will most likely not extradite him, should it come to a legal conflict.

Upon all the siblings returning to Warjilis, they decided to wait for Yorick to arrive, as his plan took him from Lionel Castle to Warjilis and then onto Limberry before heading east out of the country. Germaine and Angus talked to their sisters and showed them the scriptures, which they each read and pondered, knowing their must be more to the writings. A message arrived for Narcissa that gave a tavern in which to meet Yorick and she, Angus and an invisible Germaine went to converse with him. Upon getting there they were ambushed by armed men, who brandished knives and a bloody conflict began. With Angus armed with sword, Narcissa with a knife and Germaine with White Fire they fought in the bar, until the siblings were wounded and in their hesitation, allowed the bandits to escape.

A chase ensued, ending with the last two bandits facing off against Annalise, Angus and Hero Vassar. The Bloody Chase ended with the bandits wounded, disemboweled or beheaded, and Yorick Vassar nowhere to be seen with Hero running off in search of him.

Returning to their rented villa, they recovered from their wounds in short order, thanks to the first aid talents of Annalise and Angus.

The session ended with the siblings debating what to deal with next;

Trait Vote:

Annalise – Lost “Darling of the Court”, Gained “Maternal”

Angus – Gained “Distant”

Germaine – Gained “A Bit Crazy”

Narcissa – Lost “Veneer of Obedience”, Gained “Untrustworthy”

Session 3: Escalation
Where a duel is fought, missions are assigned and the siblings leave court early

The session began with the duel between Gregorios Larg and Angus Kenderick. Both the combatants took the field and squared off. The fight took only a series of heartbeats, as Gregorios swung twice and Angus striking three times. As Gregorios Larg reared up to deliver a crushing blow, Angus darted in underneath, stabbing upward at Gregorios’ throat, slicing a severe blow to the larger warrior. As he fell bleeding on the floor of the battlefield, Angus stared at him and then left the field as the victor.

News came in soon after the duel that some buildings in Limberry Castle had burned down due to a mob that formed. The reason for the mob is an edict from King Delita that seems to have come from Mordecai Kiminski, the king’s adviser and ambassador from Omdolia. They must deal with the troublesome commoners soon or it could turn into full blown rebellion.

Narcissa took this as a time to gloat to her eldest brother at her victory not only in court but of Angus’ victory as well. Germaine went off to spend time with Nikolas Metaxas, his lover in secret. Annalise spoke to Mustadio before leaving the field of battle.

Angus was contacted by messenger in regards to taking the place of Gregorios Larg as the Man-At-Arms of the court in addition to a letter from Adrian Challaghan about an assignment. The details were to find the recently resigned court lawyer Yorick Vassar and to escort him (by force if necessary) to Adrian for questioning.

The siblings met up later that night as Angus calls them to discuss the details of his assignment. In his explanation, Angus mentions that he heard Adrian mention something in regards to The Zodiac Heretic. This leads Angus to ask if the siblings would accompany him, as their situation at court is a bit sensitive due to Narcissa’s meddling. The siblings decide to follow Angus and head for The Port City of Warjilis, where Angus believes Yorick may have fled. Annalise follows to help an acquaintance who has been imprisoned wrongfully for smuggling in Warjilis Port City.

On the way south, Annalise, Mustadio and Germaine head to the Kenderick Vineyards, where they had sent Lars and Xavier in anticipation of complications at Court. They pick up Xavier and Lars and take a boat from the coast to meet up with Narcissa and Angus. Before leaving, a resort near the coast burns down, leading to three fires in the last two weeks. During the time traveling south, Annalise notices that Angus is much colder and distant than she remembers him ever being.

Arriving in Warjilis, Mustadio heads with Lars and Xavier back to Goug Machine City leaving the siblings to their business. Before his departure, He and Annalise speak of the Lion War somewhat, with Mustadio ending up speaking little of the details of his time during the conflict. During a walk in the market, Germaine felt the need to behead a chicken that had crossed his path, in an attempt to find an animal to distill essence from to manufacture a magical item. This causes some distress as the chicken’s owner demands payment and when asked Germaine casts a spell and disappears from view, leaving his siblings to pay for the randomly killed piece of livestock.

The siblings begin their business in the city, starting with Narcissa looking up her contact. She finds him in the city garrison, locked up and awaiting trial. He believes that due to his small operation concerning the ‘quasi-legal’ obtaining of rare goods that the Bart Company, a business organization that is rumored to have illegal dealings including possibly drug smuggling, kidnapping and human trafficking. He believes that if he doesn’t get help from Bart Company’s only rival, House Vilaro, then he will end up dead, or worse.

Narcissa persuades the local magistrate to put off the trial for two weeks, which will give her enough time to contact Kyto Vilaro and ask for help.

Annalise and Germaine go in search of Angus, who has gone off on his own to search about town. They end up finding out that Angus has gone off with a young woman, one who works with a doctor in town, a Dr. Pavel Gebara. Upon arriving at his shop, they find out that Angus has gone off with his nurse and sister, Ilyena. They wait for Angus and Ilyena for a while and upon Pavel’s suggestion, they head for the nearest church. Here, they find Ilyena and Angus speaking, with Angus smiling and laughing with her. Upon seeing his siblings, he kisses Ilyena’s hand goodbye and leaves with his siblings.

Outside, Angus grabs Germaine and throws him at the wall, holding him there. In an angry tone, he explains that his blatantly disrespectful behavior, and the random chicken slaughter, could land him in hot water with the Heresy Examiners. They have been looking for a reason to suspect him of ‘decadent behavior’ for a long time. The session ends with the siblings considering where to go next as their lives are getting more complicated as events escalate.

Session 2: The Hunt for the Red Rebellion
Where rebels are found, secrets are spilled and Summer Court begins with a bang

The session begins with the PCs gathering the knowledge from the various sources to locate the leaders of the rebellion. Upon getting information from “Tibby”, and the lack of information regarding the possibility of a fishing industry off the coast.

Upon relating the information to Angus, he gets troops and heads to the warehouse where “Tibby” stated the rebellion heads are located. On the way, Gremaine contacts a fellow mage in town and gets him to tag along on the raid. Angus leads the charge in and they are greeted with warehouse workers, who happen to be rebels, along with Anton Ramsey, one of the leaders of the Rebellion.

The bloody melee that follows was the first battle the siblings have done as a group. The siblings and 10 of their soldiers faced an equal number of rebels. The Kendericks lead a vicious lead in the fight and when the dust settled, it was down to Anton Ramsey and Angus Kenderick.

They set into a Duel, which lasted only seconds. Anton took one light slash and then was impaled by Angus.

After the fight, the siblings decide to denounce the rebellion and state that the demands of the rebellion are being met, but that rebellion is not the way to enact change. From here, the PCs engaged upon personal business before heading to court. Narcissa had been offered to marry whomever she wanted if she told Lucias anything and everything regarding Annalise’s personal life. She tells Lucias all of it and he gives her some leeway in her marriage, stating that she must marry one of Gregorios’ two other brothers; Edmund or Shavok. After some intelligence gathering, Narcissa decides to wed Edmund. After this the sisters head to court. Germaine stayed behind to work on some enchanting and headed out a few days later.

Upon getting to court, Annalise is informed that Lucias knows all of her personal life and demands she marry Gregorios Larg since Narcissa will not. The siblings then plot and scheme to see how they can get Annalise out of the arranged marriage. During these discussions, she reveals to only Narcissa and Mustadio that she is expecting her second child.

Summer Court begins and it is revealed that Draco Nar’Orlandu has returned as head of House Orlandu. He and his advisor, Felix Durai, have returned to court to represent their house. Court continues and when Lucias announces the betrothal of Annalise and Gregorios, Narcissa openly disagrees. When Angus puts in his opinion, Gregorios Larg insults him in front of everyone which leads to Gregorios issuing a duel between them. The argument regarding Annalise getting married grows is a disagreement in front of the entire court in which Narcissa wins, agreeing that Annalise will marry in the next year to someone she chooses.

The session ended with preparation for the duel and the siblings knowing that they have angered their eldest brother. What is to come next is uncertain…


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