Chapter 4, Narcissa Kenderick Sa'Larg Sa'Metaxas

Black Widow of Ivalice, Tragic Lover and Bearer of Deifacted Nethicite





Birth Sign: Leo







  • Oveilia has taken what is most precious to me; I shall return the favor.
  • I will retake Favoham in the name of my Son’s birthright.
  • The only way my family will be safe is when a Kenderick sits on the throne.


  • If someone make a comment about my departed husband, hurt them, cry and go catatonic.
  • Always have knives on me.
  • Always keep the Stone on my person and let no one see it.

The last thing I remember was the demon’s voice coming out of my Alexander’s mouth.

Then darkness.

I have awakened to find my lands stolen from me, my husband dead, and my son still missing. Before his spirit went from our world into the next Alexander told me to find the Exile and awaken him, he also told me who took our child. Delita and Olveila have “adopted” my son. They didn’t even bother to change his name, they are baiting me. I will strike at them, but not until I am sure I can secure a victory.

The knowledge that my son is out there, that a piece of Alexander is still in the world is all that keeps me going. Perhaps I’m leaning too much on Felix, but without him I don’t have the will or the strength to see things through.

Chapter 4, Narcissa Kenderick Sa'Larg Sa'Metaxas

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