Chapter 4, Annalise Kenderick Bunanza

Makhana Meister, Caring Sister and Director of House Bunanza Engineering Operations


Age: 31

Height: 5’7”

Weight: 140 lbs

Birth Sign: Aries

Lifepaths: Born Noble, Young Lady, Student, Engineer

Reputations: Makhana Meister (3D), Salvation Lies Through Faith (1D),

Affiliations: House Bunanza (3D), House Kenderick (1D), Noble Court (1D), Order of Engineers (1D), Secret Lion War Veterans (1D)

Relationships: Mustadio Bunanza (2D), Xavier Bunanza (1D), Lars Ward (2D), Captain Melchior Kenderick (1D), Dara Solomon (1D), Pavel Gebara (1D)

Traits: Mark of Privilege, It Just Might Work!, Ambidextrous, Thick Skinned, Suspicious, Maternal, Curious, Sixth Sense


  • The Lucavi will become naught but power sources for my machines.
  • Those who have betrayed my family will be brought to their knees.
  • I will protect this tech from those who will abuse it.


  • When threatened, go for the gun.
  • If it’s broken, fix it.
  • If I lose an argument, threaten with force.

While my brother and sister slept, things were so much simpler. It was Mustadio, Lars, me and our boys. We lived, loved and worked, not caring for the events beyond the walls of Goug save that of our business affairs.

And then they awoke, desiring death, destruction, revenge…

I have followed them, watching Germaine fall further into madness and Narcissa obsess over the loss of her son. While demons, obsessed cultists and a power-mad king and queen have brought my siblings to this, a portion of their current condition is their own doing.

While I cannot stand by and watch, it is difficult to go along with their actions, which I find morally detestable. The Lucavi must be stopped and only my Makhanakalia can hold their power and keep this world safe. Dare I risk all that I hold dear, my family, my science and my country for a chance to rid the world of pure evil once and for all?

Chapter 4, Annalise Kenderick Bunanza

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