Chapter 2, Narcissa Kenderick Sa'Larg Metaxas

Widow, Adulterer and Fearsome Politician


Age: 30

Height: 5’8”

Weight: 140 lbs

Birth Sign: Leo

Lifepaths: Born Noble, Young Lady, Lady, Courtier

Reputations: Great Debater (2D), Adulterer with Commoners (2D),

Affiliations: House Kenderick (1D), Noble Court (1D), Nobles (1D), Bart Company (1D)

Relationships: Alexander Metaxas (Significant, Romantic, Forbidden), Lucias Kenderick (Minor, Hateful), Francis Kenderick (Minor, Family), Yorick Vassar (Minor), Alistair Kenderick Metaxas (Minor)

Traits: Mark of Privilege, Rapier Wit, Untrustworthy, Determined, Ambitious, Conniving, Evasive.


Alexander and I will rule this country.

My ambition knows no bounds.

The ends justify the means.


Session 14: Change in Beliefs

Without my precious Alexander I am lost.

My brother Francis is my closest sibling; I will protect & defend him.

My thirst for power knows no bounds.


If someone brings up my Adulterer reputation, attack them.

If proven wrong, insult them and if proven right, gloat.

If challenged intellectually, argue them down (D.O.W).


“Everything, everything was perfect. Alexander and I will wed. Alistair’s adoption went through without protest from the Larg’s. Limberry and Favoham would be united; with both providences our power would be nearly untouchable! Then he walked in. The man who once robbed me of my happiness with Alexander and now seeks to rob Alexander and me of our future, the man I regrettably call father.

Why couldn’t he have stayed dead!

Artemis will not stand between Alexander and me ever again. Killing is easy after the first one, hell in Edmund’s case it was enjoyable. Five people have died so Alexander and I could marry, what’s one more? Angus should be easy enough to handle. Another problem to address the Larg’s and Goltana’s uniting. Delita is too weak to stop it, too noble to do what must be done. Funny he wasn’t too noble to cut Prince Goltana’s throat perhaps time has made him soft? No matter I shall see that this issue is resolved not for Delita but for me, for Alexander, for our son.” –Narcissa Kenderick Sa’Larg Metaxas

When you play the game of thrones you win or you die. Make no mistake Narcissa has come to win. Narcissa Kenderick Sa’Larg Metaxas is possible the most single minded person in all of Ivalice. Once she decides she wants something she will pursue the goal no matter the cost. Once she has achieved her goals, her sights are set on a higher, more lofty ones. Combined with an incredibly short fuse, a taste for revenge, and almost no scruples she is as dangerous as she is beautiful.

Session 14: Change in Beliefs:

Without my precious Alexander I am lost

My brother Francis is my closest sibling; I will protect & defend him.

My thirst for power knows no bounds

-Played by Shanelle

Chapter 2, Narcissa Kenderick Sa'Larg Metaxas

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