Chapter 2, Annalise Kenderick Bunanza

Mother, Disowned Noblewoman and Pioneer of Ancient Technology


Age: 29

Height: 5’7”

Weight: 140 lbs

Birth Sign: Aries

Lifepaths: Born Noble, Young Lady, Student, Engineer

Reputations: Skilled Engineer & Weapons Handler (1D), Salvation Lies Through Faith (1D)

Affiliations: House Bunanza (2D), House Kenderick (1D), Noble Court (1D), Order of Engineers (1D), Secret Lion War Veterans (1D)

Relationships: Mustadio Bunanza (Romantic, Significant), Lars Ward (Minor), Melchior Kenderick (Minor, Family), Xavier Bunanza (Minor, Family), Ilyena Gebara (Significant), Pavel Gebara (Minor)

Traits: Mark of Privilege, It Just Might Work!, Ambidextrous, Curses Like a Sailor, Thick Skinned, Suspicious, Maternal


Those who betray my family do so at their own peril.

I will uncover the truth about the deaths surrounding my sister Narcissa.

I will uncover the secrets of the Ancient Technology and safeguard them from those who would abuse it.


When threatened, go for the gun.

If it’s broken, fix it.

If I lose an argument, threaten with force.


“Something is wrong with this country. I can’t put my finger on it but it feels as if there are dark forces at work. The Lucavi threaten us, yes, but I’m feel something more…ominous. My sister has changed into a manipulator of people. My father has returned and is not the man we knew. My twin brothers have taken up causes to save the country from itself. But the Durai Report didn’t tell us everything.

What are we missing? Is it something that we can’t see which will bring doom to our people?

I will seek out the civilization that predates us. Perhaps on their gravestones we can find a way to avoid our own oblivion.”

As brilliant as she is beautiful, Annalise has drifted from her Noble roots. Fed up with the machinations of the Noble Court, she finds herself exiled from her House. With the knowledge of the Lucavi on the horizon, She turns to the secrets of the Ancient Civilization technology for answers. The devices found in the mines of Goug Machine City could be the key to winning the war with the Lucavi.

...or will these artifacts cause an even greater conflict once the demons are laid low?

-Played by Ashley

Chapter 2, Annalise Kenderick Bunanza

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