Chapter 2, Lord Angus Kenderick

Disgraced Lord, Heretic and one of the Twins of House Kenderick


Age: 27

Height: 5’10”

Weight: 190 lbs

Birth Sign: Pisces

Lifepaths: Born Noble, Lord, Captain, Holy Military Order (Shrine Knight)

Reputations: Deadly Swordsman (1D), Death of His Mother (1D), Heretic (2D)

Affiliations: House Kenderick (1D), Secret Lion War Veterans (1D), Knights Templar (1D), Nobles (1D),

Relationships: Marcel Falk (Minor, Hateful), Agrias Oaks (Minor), Gregorios Larg (Significant, Hateful), Ilyena Gebara (Romantic, Minor), Inga Vilaro (Minor, Hateful), Draco Nar’Orlandu (Minor)

Traits: Mark of Privilege, Savvy, Disciplined, Urbane, Night Owl, Distant, Heretic


Trifle with me at your own mortal peril

Ilyena Gebara means more to me than duty, honor, family or sanity.

The Murond Glabados Church is thoroughly corrupt and must be destroyed.


When enemies beg for mercy, decapitate them.

When Ilyena is around, always be at her side.

Never be without some sort of weapon.


“The secrets of the Church are laid bare. Their greed for the hearts and minds of the people brought a war to our country. It awoke demons of ages past. It cost great men and women all they held dear. For this, there is no forgiveness. There is no salvation. There is only vengeance, fire and death. And I shall be the harbinger of all they so rightly deserve.” -Angus Kenderick

With the actions of the inquisitors and the Templar, Angus has left their ranks and been deemed a Heretic in the eyes of the church. Disgraced, disowned and destitute, he turns from his former allies and finds new ones in the Secret Lion War Veterans who fought off the Lucavi as detailed in the Durai Report.

His hate for the church now knows no bounds nor does his love for Ilyena Gebara though only his siblings and close associates know how much she means to him. A changed man from the trials of a year ago, he is still distant but more passionate than cold. He will not allow the Church to continue it’s theocratic reign on the country.

Their actions will be brought to light. Those responsible for the atrocities done by the Templar will pay. Justice will be sought. Vengeance will be found. And nothing will stand in his way.

In Session 12, Angus was pardoned by the High Priest and re-willed as the heir of House Kenderick by Artemis Kenderick.

Chapter 2, Lord Angus Kenderick

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