Lord Balbanes Beoulve

Bannerman to House Larg, Heavenly Knight and Lord of House Beoulve, Deceased


Age: 64 (82 if alive)

Height: 6’2”

Weight: 195 lbs

Birth Sign: Libra

Reputation: Heavenly Knight

Traits: Mark of Privilege, Honored, Tonsured, Vested, Valiant, Righteous


The most dangerous knight in the recent history of Ivalice, Balbanes Beoulve was the reigning Heavenly Knight and had never been defeated in a duel, though some claimed that only T.G. Cid could best him. A fair, loving father who lost two wives due to childbirth, he never lost his optimism. Borne four children, three boys and a girl, he taught them as best he could when not at war.

Dycedarg, Zalbaag, Ramza and Alma all loved their father, though he passed away not long after returning from the Fifty Year War. Perhaps it was best as Ramza would bring ruin to the house when he became the Zodiac Heretic, dishonoring his father’s name through his actions.

Balbanes is missed today; the saying holding true “A Beoulve has always served the throne and when they do not, dark times lie ahead.”

Lord Balbanes Beoulve

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