Mordecai Kaminski

Ambassador from Omdoria, Rabbi of the Ancient Order and Advisor to King Delita


Age: 35

Height: 5’9”

Weight: 145 lbs

Birth Sign: Taurus

Reputation: Foreigner, Omdolian, Proponent of Another Faith

Traits: Mark of Privilege, Vested, Humble, Optimistic, Well-mannered, Graceful, Rapier Wit


An oddity in the Court, Mordacai is an ambassador from the neighboring country, Omdolia. He is a blessed member of the Ancient Order (also called the Old Faith), the faith that predates the Murond Glabados Church. Many view him with suspicion due to this but he takes no notice.

King Delita has noticed him and keeps him close as and adviser, which some think unwise. However, his is quiet and communicates with his home country on matter of strick diplomatic business, keeping the King’s affairs to himself…or so he says. Many doubt him as hate for Omdolia from the Fifty Year war is still present, not yet a generation old.

He advises those who ask it of him but otherwise keeps to himself. He is a kind man, with both the crown prince and princess referring to him as Uncle Mordee.

In session 7, he was assassinated at the wedding of Narcissa Kenderick and Edmund Larg.

Mordecai Kaminski

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