Lord Artemis Kenderick

Hero of the Fifty Year War, Shrine Knight and Overbearing Master of House Kenderick, Missing


Age: 63

Height: 5’11”

Weight: 185 lbs

Birth Sign: Pisces

Reputation: The Blade of the Faith, Fearsome Templar, Recklessly Crazy

Traits: Mark of Privilege, Zealot, Arrogant, Disturbingly Confident, Paranoid, Xenophobic, Devout, Tonsured, Domineering


Born into a major noble house as the First, Artemis was groomed to become the master of House Kenderick. Educated in finances, economics, politics, etiquette and swordsmanship, Artemis joined the Knights Templar and through this, met many important people. His confidant in the Fifty Year War, Vormav Tingel, served as a mentor and companion. However, the war changed Vormav and the two drifted apart. Upon hearing of the Tingel family’s death at the hands of the Zodiac Heretic, he saw the end of the war was the only chance for the country to stay whole.

He quickly consolidated his houses’ resources and made alliances when he heard of the death of Marquis Elmdor, he stepped into the power vacuum and held Limberry together. Needing a way to unite his country, he formed House Kenderick into an organization centered on the faith in the Murond Glabados Church. With this the country stayed whole and lined up behind him and his family’s vast resources.

The Reconciliation under King Delita Hyral lead Artemis to become, some said, unstable. He kept his house in order and made sure he had at least one son prepared to lead the house should the worst happen. Lucias and Angus came forth as men that would lead when Artemis would eventually be gone.

As the overbearing father, his mind degraded further upon the loss of his wife giving birth to Angus and Germaine. In his grief, he turned to the family Nanny Nessarose Gabor and had a bastard son, Maximillian.

Five years ago, he disappeared from his bed chambers mysteriously and none have heard from him or seen him since. In his absence, Lucias has taken over the house and lead it in the direction their father started, the direction where Salvation Lies Through Faith.

In Session 11, Artemis returned to Ivalice as the newest Holy Swordsman of the Knights Templar. He is now in command of the Templar as well as his Noble House. He is far more severe and much more spry than he was before…

In session 16, Artemis was revealed to have been possessed by the Pisces Lucavi, Mateus the Corrupt. He was killed in the Limberry Massacre and the Pisces stone was recovered by the Kendericks.

Lord Artemis Kenderick

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