Chap. 1 - Narcissa Kenderick

Veteran Politician, Independent Businesswoman and Proponent of Financial Diversification


Age: 29

Height: 5’8"

Weight: 140 lbs

Birth Sign: Leo

Reputation: Great Debater, Salvation Lies Through Faith

Traits: Mark of Privilege, Rapier Wit, Veneer of Obedience, Determined, Ambitious, Conniving

Beliefs: The only person with the knowledge, skills and know-how to run this country is me; get out of my way so I can do it better, Whatever I may have, there is always potential for more, I will protect and defend my brother Francis regardless of his actions.

Instincts: If a leader of a situation is proving inept, I usurp his/her position, If challenged intellectually, prove them wrong (duel of wits), If proven wrong, offer an inciting comment; if proven right, gloat.


If black could be made white with words Narcissa Kenderick would be the one to make it happen. She is known through out most of Ivalice as a great debater few people will willingly enter into an argument with her. Ever the gracious winner she is known to gloat and on the rare occasion she loses she insults the victor. Although she has not studied the law she has high respect for it, and even higher respect for those who are able to manipulate the law. It is well known that seven years ago she hired Yorick Vassar to draw up papers denying her eldest brother Lucias from having access to the Kenderick vineyards (which are owned by Narcissa and her brother Francis).

As a child Narcissa was constantly in and out of trouble usually with Francis in tow. She held great for affection for all her siblings excepting her oldest sister Christina. Although her present behavior makes this hard to believe she was fond of Lucias, albeit she thought him a bit pompous and a goody two shoes. The cause of the rift between Narcissa and Lucias is known to only a handful of people.

Alexander Metaxas asked her father for her hand in marriage. Narcissa nearly had him convinced to accept the marriage contract when Lucias interfered stating that Alexander was an inappropriate choice for a Kenderick. Losing this battle left a lasting impression on her. She had played by the rules and lost. Now she will stop at nothing to get what she wants, as far as Narcissa is concerned the end justifies the means.

When dealing with lawyers, merchants, or other people of the court who are beneath her station she is said to be generous. On many occasion she has used her influence to help advance them or protect them. When dealing with rivals, equals, or her superiors she is cutthroat and ruthless.

As willing as she is to under mind her two eldest siblings she is just as willing to protect the younger ones. Her highest affection is reserved for her brother Francis, a year apart in age the two have always been very close. People are quickly learning that making what she considers to be an unacceptable comment about Francis is enough to make Narcissa their enemy.

Played by Shanelle

Chap. 1 - Narcissa Kenderick

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