Adrian Callaghan

Cleric of the Church, Inquisitor and High Confessor


Age: 47

Height: 5’11”

Weight: 165 lbs

Birth Sign: Cancer

Reputation: Zealous Interrogator


The current Chief Inquisitor, Adrian Callaghan has been a disciple of the Murond Glabados Church for almost the entirety of his life. Born into a minor noble house, Adrian was the youngest son of whom would never ascend to the head of the family. Therefore, he threw himself into the Church with a fervor that continued to surprise all who withheld him. Starting as a servant and eventually being granted the trip to Seminary to learn of the Faith. He served under Simon Pen Rekshu for a time, learning the ways of the faith and the written word. Here he was able to find his place in the readings of those who opposed the faith. In his reading, he found the details of those who hunted Heretics, and joined the order of Heretic Examiners. He climbed the ranks quickly with his unforgiving nature and meticulous attention to detail.

When the Lion War struck, he found himself assigned to protecting the public from disenters and those who spoke against the church. He idolized Zalmo, the High Confessor, who was tasked with the search for the Zodiac Heretic, one who was the dream of any Heretic Examiner. A blatant disregard for the edicts of the church; a murderer of innocent, good men and a perfect example to set for the people of Ivalice; the Zodiac Heretic was this to Adrian. When the message came that Zalmo had fallen before the Zodiac Heretic, Adrian left his post to search for the enemy of the state.

With the end of the Lion War and the disappearance of the Zodiac Heretic, Adrian has continued his search. He continues to seek the former son of House Beoulve, despite the widely assumed status of his death in the final days of the Lion War.

A man not willing to suffer fools, he has taken many apprentices and few have met his exceptionally high standards. Only one stands as a feasible replacement for him should he fall in battle; Marcel Falk. Though not as zealous in the search, Marcel is committed to the cause.

Cold, unforgiving and judgmental, few will willingly deal with Adrian, for fear of being brought under suspicion, much less being labeled a Heretic.

In Session 13, it was revealed that Adrian was possessed by Yakiv The Condemner, the Lucavi associated with the Cancer stone. He was killed by a coalition of forces from many noble houses lead by the Kendericks.

Adrian Callaghan

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