Marcel Falk

Cleric of the Church, Former Holy Knight and Chief Heresy Examiner


Age: 35

Height: 5’9”

Weight: 170 lbs

Birth Sign: Sagittarius

Reputation: Holy Knight, Heresy Examiner

Traits: Tonsured, Vested, Disciplined, Suspicious, Sixth Sense, Dour, Night Owl, Restless, Haunted, Horribly Scarred


A man who has felt too much sorrow for one life, Marcel has lost two wives due to the Fifty Year War and then to the Plague. In his sorrow, he found strength in Faith and joined the Church, finding his way to the Knights Templar. He is a calm man, despite the grief that courses through his bones.

Upon hearing of the destruction wrought by the Zodiac Heretic, he took up the call of a Heresy Examiner. To stop such a terror from occurring again was his dream. But he would not be so quick to lay the mantle of Heretic upon someone without overwhelming, undisputed proof.

Doing sermons at night, his lessons ask others to find the light and hope in the darkest of times. His advice helped many in Lionel through the Reconciliation of Ivalice with their lives intact. Though a common born man, many of the noble station come to him for help as he can ease their sorrow.

He is the tapped one to take Adrian Callagan’s place should he die. If he is ready for such a station awaits to be seen, even by Marcel himself.

In Session 5, he is horribly scarred by Germaine Kenderick, who used White Fire on him and his two Holy Knights. He remains in recovery from the grievous wounds.

In Session 13, with the death of Adrian Callaghan, becomes Chief Heresy Examiner. He appoints Nikita Lagunov as his second.

In session 18, Marcel was poisoned by Germaine Kenderick and his Revolutionary forces. He died while occupying the capital of Limberry, Limberry Castle.

Marcel Falk

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