Count Cidolfas "Thundergod Cid" Orlandu

Former General of the Nanten Knights, Sworn bannerman to House Goltana and Holy Swordsman, deceased


Age: 58 (72 if alive)

Height: 6’1”

Weight: 175 lbs

Birth Sign: Taurus

Reputation: Thundergod Cid, Fearsome Swordsman

Traits: Mark of Privilege, Humble, Brilliant, Contemplative, Aura of Command


Few men struck more fear into the hearts of men during the Fifty Year War than Thundergod Cid. “T.G. Cid” or simply Count Orlandu, was a valiant warrior for Prince Goltana in the Fifty Year War, making a name for himself. His skill with a sword was said to be a match for only Balbanes Beoulve and perhaps Zalbag Beoulve, Balbanes second oldest son.

In the time before the Lion War, Orlandu sued for peaceful negotiations with the lower class. He vision of a better world for all, noble and common born, lead many of the lower class to see him as a herald of a new age. However, the aggression of princes Goltana and Larg gave way to the vicious Lion War.

T.G Cid had a wife, though through a twist of fate, never had any children that survived beyond infancy. When a fellow soldier made him promise to take care of his family should he die, Cid found himself taking care of many adopted children, the oldest being Olan Durai.

These children were left in care of his extended family when he was found to have killed Prince Goltana in cold blood, and then killed himself. Many dispute this and whisper of conspiracy but Richter Goltana will have none of it; the matter is settled and done.

Despite the traitorous stain on his family, they retained their wealth and live comfortably. Those who knew Count Orlandu remember him as a man of tempered words, balanced advice and a cool head in combat. He commanded his men with bravery and raised his adopted children in the ideal of the Orlandu family; “Let justice never be denied.”

In session 9, it was revealed that Cidolfas had died in the final fight with Ultima, The High Sereph, at the conclusion of the Lion War. His body was buried at a secret grave by the Secret Loin War Veterans; Agrias, Meliadoul, Alma, Mustadio and Ramza.

Count Cidolfas "Thundergod Cid" Orlandu

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