Agrias Oaks

Former Holy Knight, former bodyguard of Queen Oveilia and sword for hire


Age: 36

Height: 6’1”

Weight: 185 lbs

Birth Sign: Cancer


Traits: Mark of Privilege, Tonsured, Disciplined, Stubborn, Cold-blooded, Sapphic, Iron Stomach, Diligent, Buxom.


Growing up within the noble houses when the Fifty Year War was at it’s height, the Oaks family could not afford another child, much less a daughter. Agrias was given to the church as a ward and from there, became a soldier in their ranks. Gaining the title of Holy Knight, she was assigned to be the bodyguard of Princess Oveilia and from there traveled the country keeping the princess out of sight.

The Lion War separated Agrias and Ovelia and they met up only twice during the conflict. Once Oveilia took the throne, Agrias kept her distance from the capital.

In the years since, Agrias has formed a mercenary corp, A&M Corps, with Meliadoul Tingel. As both women lead the troops into combat, there are whispers of the true relationship the women share. The troops of A&M Corps say nothing in this as they are payed well, to fight and to keep their opinions to themselves.

An atypically tall woman, Agrias towers over most men and is a fierce opponent in combat. When not fighting she is quiet and lets Meliadoul do most of the talking.

Agrias Oaks

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