Olan Durai

Astronomer, Adopted son of Orlandu Cid and author of the Durai Report, Deceased


Age: 33 (42 if alive)

Height: 5’7”

Weight: 140 lbs

Birth Sign: Sagittarius

Reputation: Heretic



Adopted by Cidolfas Orlandu during the Fifty Year War, Olan was the oldest of his siblings and took to T.G Cid’s teachings quickly. Regarding him as a second father, Olan became a trusted member of the Nanten Knights, serving as his father’s tactician and magical support.

After the Fifty Year War, Olan returned to academics, which was his favored pursuit. However, with the outbreak of the Lion War, he was forced to once again wear the mantle of Second-in-Command of the Nanten Knights.

When King Delita captured the capital and was made King, Olan returned to this academics in Zeltinnia and over the course of five years he was not heard from. However, after this half-decade of silence, he released a book, titled “The Durai Report”. The contents of said book is a mystery as all copies of it were confiscated by the Knights Templar and Olan was tried for Heresy by Adrian Callagan; his sentence was death by burning at the stake.

To this day the contents of the elusive “Durai Report” is unknown.

Olan Durai

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