Mustadio Bunanza

Master Engineer, Rifleman and Expert on Lost Civilization technology


Age: 34

Height: 5’9”

Weight: 150 lbs

Birth Sign: Libra




Born in Goug Machine City, Mustadio took to the art of engineering just like his father. He grew in skill under Bestrodio’s tutoring and was about to strike out on his own when he and his father discovered a yellow stone. When Rudvich of Bart Company refused to take no for an answer in regards to selling the stone, he kidnapped Bestrodio. Mustadio hired some mercenaries and cleverly deceived Rudvich with a fake stone, escaping with his father.

Mustadio fought in the Lion War, using his expertise with the Lost Civilization technology known as a “Gun”. His prowess at long range shots made him a valuable scout and sharpshooter.

When the war concluded he returned to Goug Machine City to continue his practice as an engineer. He lives there, splitting his time in the mines and in the workshop, developing new technology from the ruins beneath Goug.

For many years, he had been secretly courting Annalise Kenderick and they had a child together, Xavier Bunanza, though this is still a secret to all but the Kenderick family. In Session 7, they were wed in Goug Machine City.

Mustadio Bunanza

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