Bestrodio Bunanza

Foremost expert on Lost Civilization technology, father of Mustadio and Grand Master Engineer


Age: 64

Height: 5’9”

Weight: 135 lbs

Birth Sign: Capricorn




Bestrodio was born in the Port City of Warjilis in the early years of the Fifty Year war. He soon developed a knack for fixing things and at age 14 was accepted as an apprentice in Goug Machine City. There he spent his early years and the majority of his life working as, first, a journeyman and then master engineer. Not long after achieving master engineer status he took a wife and had a son, Mustadio. His other two children died at young ages, one from an accident in the streets and the other from wandering into the Tchigolith Fenlands, never to be seen again.

He and his son discovered a small yellow stone in the ruins of the city and upon discovering it could awaken long dormant machines, they were set upon by Rudvich of the Bart Company. When they refused to sell the stone, Rudvich kidnapped Bestrodio and ransomed him to Mustadio for the stone. Bestrodio was rescued when Mustadio enlisted the help of Ramza Beoulve (The man who would become the Zodiac Heretic). He was rescued and continued his work when Bart Company soon afterward left Goug Machine City.

His is lame due to an injury with a machine and half blind from working at night under the lamp at his workstation. A compassionate, caring man, he has not taken an apprentice in years though they say that if he were to take another they would have the best teacher alive in the arts of mechanics and engineering.

He is common born and has no desire for the machinations of the noble courts, though they do ask his advice when they have interest in his area. His current rank of Grand Master Engineer makes him the foremost authority on all things mechanical and of the past.

Bestrodio Bunanza

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