Ilyena Gebara a.k.a Alma Beoulve

Trained nurse, Sister of Pavel Gebara and Love of Lord Angus Kenderick


Age: 33

Height: 5’6”

Weight: 150 lbs

Birth Sign: Virgo


Traits: Mark of Privilege, Drop Dead Gorgeous, Kind, Caregiver, Faithful, Chosen One


Ilyena was born the youngest of four siblings and the younger of two by a second mother. Her father was a merchant of some reknown and was away much of the Fifty Year war while she was growing up. As she was a gateway for her father to a higher standing, she was sent to live at Orbonne Monastery and learn of the faith, awaiting a proper suitor.

The Lion War struck her as a tumultuous time and she stayed behind the walls for the entirety of the conflict. Only after her brother Pavel came for her after the war had concluded and their father and older brothers dead did she get to see the real world. She learned much of caring for people, in body and in spirit, during her time at Orbonne. She resides with her brother in the Port City of Warjilis.

A kind, gentle woman with a glowing smile, she has refused all suitors to date, though she gives no reason. She works as a nurse with her brother and teaches the young children of the town the ideals of the Church.

In session 18, Ilyena was killed by the Lucavi Yakiv, The Condemner, who was possessing Alexander Metaxas. She lived long enough to see her killer destroyed and to bid farewell to her brother Pavel and her husband Angus and passed out of this world and into the next.

Ilyena Gebara a.k.a Alma Beoulve

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