Queen Oveilia Atkascha Hyral

Adopted daughter of the previous king, cleric of the church and Queen of Ivalice


Age: 30

Height: 5’5”

Weight: 145 lbs

Birth Sign: Taurus




One of the two successors to the throne, Oveilia ended up the victor of the Lion War. Adopted by the late King Omdalia, she grew up in the care of others, not knowing her father as well as she would have liked. For the majority of her life she lived at Orbonne Monastery. Here she had many teachers, tutors and advisers but only one friend. A blond named Alma Beoulve befriended Oveilia and they grew very close during the time leading up to the Lion War.

When the war struck, Oveilia was the subject of much of the conflict starting with her kidnapping from Orbonne Monastery. From here she is caught up in the tide of if she or her younger half brother Orinas would take the throne.

After the battle of Grogh Heights Delita Hyral took the Royal Capital of Lesalia and with that, asked for Oveilia’s hand in marriage. She agreed and the Lion War was put to rest. The rise of House Hyral begins with the birth of her first son, Victor. Two years later she and Delita were blessed with a daughter, Anastasia.

Queen Oveilia Atkascha Hyral

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