Meliadoul Tingel

Former Shrine Knight and Mercenary of High Reknown


Age: 34

Height: 5’10”

Weight: 165 lbs

Birth Sign: Capricorn


Traits: Mark of Privilege, Tonsured, Disciplined, Cold-Blooded, Cool-headed, Sapphic, Mercenary, Pointed Ears.


Born into the house of Tingel, Meliadoul was destined to be married off to one of the major houses. That is, until she took after her father and swore her allegiance to the church. This removed her from the world of nobility and she was taught of the wonders of the faith. She chose the path of the Knights Templar, the knightly order that protects the assets of the church under direct orders from the High Priest.

The Lion War was just another military conflict for her and she helped protect caravans of supplies from bandits and starving peasants. When churches came under attack by the angered masses, she protected the hallowed grounds as well. However, the war did not become real for her until the Zodiac Heretic killed her brother, Izlude Tingel, at the Horror of Riovanes. Enraged, she took troops and proceeded to hunt him down, intent on ending his reign of terror.

Upon her return from the war she finds herself one of the only remaining Shrine Knights. After some reflection she left the church to pursue her own interests. In the intervening years, she forms an independent army, A&M Corps, with Agrias Oaks whom she met during the Lion War. Since then, they have been hired out for peacekeeping operations, caravan escorts, VIP protection and putting down border disputes.

She is the face of A&M Corps, with Agrias being the quiet, dissenting opinion and playing devil’s advocate most of the time. Meliadoul’s exotic looks lead people to underestimate her, now that she has grown out her hair. She allows this to occur until they think her only a woman and not a warrior. Then her cold, calculating side comes to the surface.

Meliadoul Tingel

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