King Delita Hyral

King of Ivalice, Soldier of the Lion War and Head of House Hyral


Age: 34

Height: 6’1”

Weight: 180 lbs

Birth Sign: Sagittarius




Born into a common family and now King of Ivalice, the story of the rise of House Hyral begins with Delita.

His rise through the ranks of the Lion War as a solider in the Nanten knights lead him to quickly be recognized by Prince Goltana. His continued successes in the war effort and the opportunistic treason of T.G Cid lead him to command of the Black Sheep Knights. Fighting fiercely and ever onward to victory, his unit secured the capital of Lesalia for Princess Oveilia, ending the Lion War. She married him and a simple commoner became King.

He has since ruled the country and with his short temper, disdain for politicking and apathy for the whining of the rich noble class, he is an unpopular, though respected, monarch.

Where the young King’s rule will take the country waits to be seen.

King Delita Hyral

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