Kyto Vilaro

Former Criminal, Spymaster of the Kingdom and Head of House Vilaro


Age: 31

Height: 5’2”

Weight: 120 lbs

Birth Sign: Serpentarius




Born as an urchin, Kyto survived by his wits. Taking from others what they couldn’t keep aware of or didn’t deserve. To this end he lived a life of crime, forming an organized, criminal network at the young age of 16. When the Lion War stirred to life, Kyto took well advantage of the conflict to secure for himself an empire within Ivalice. In the aftermath of King Delita’s rise to the throne, he wheeled, dealed, borrowed, killed and betrayed to build an organized alliance of families to form House Vilaro, the spy network of the country.

A man who keeps everything he finds in hopes of it being of value, he is a dangerous, yet necessary evil of the country. He goes through phases, paying for information on whatever is his primary interest, but never forgetting why he sought out the information in the first place. His current search is rumored to be for information on the Zodiac Heretic, as something about him has grabbed his interest. It is also rumored that he will pay greatly for any credible information about the nefarious villain.

In session 17, Kyto was assassinated by Lars Ward at the behest of Annalise, Germaine and Narcissa Kenderick.

Kyto Vilaro

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