Alexander Metaxas

Head of House Metaxas, "The Ghost" and Mage of Great Reknown


Age: 39

Height: 5’8”

Weight: 140 lbs

Birth Sign: Cancer


Traits: Extremely Respectful of One’s Betters, Inscrutable, Rapier Wit, Gifted, Sadistic, Weird.


Born during the Fifty Year War, Alexander is the oldest of the Heads of House. His youth was spent in the streets of the Walled City of Yardrow. Growing up was difficult due to Favoham’s proximity to the border conflicts. He grew into a hard man and started his training as a Mage at age 15 and was given his license at age 23.

The remainder of his twenties was spent keeping the border of Favoham safe from incursions during the Lion War. When Prince Barintin was killed during the Horror at Riovanes he returned to Riovannes Castle and consolidated the power-base of the country. His influence, magical and otherwise, was a large factor in uniting the country of Favoham. He created a new noble house from the ashes of Prince Barintin’s network of mages and assassins trained in the remains of the Fifty Year War.

He has since left the training of mages to his siblings and now spends most of his time at Lesalia arguing his cases.

He married Inga Vilaro to provide a branch between House Vilaro and House Metaxas in hopes of the future being a profitable one for both houses.

He is a cold, cruel man to his enemies and a kind, but quiet man to his family and friends. From the Lion War he is known as “The Ghost” for his use of magic to quell assaults on Favoham, in addition to his preferred spells.

His largest enemy in Ivalice is Lucias Kenderick, whom he watched climb the rungs of the church hierarchy during his time reconciling his house. Lucias has spoken out against House Metaxas on many occasions as their training of mages is blasphemy is Lucias’ eyes. Alexander has put up with Lucias’ anti-magic propaganda long enough…

In session 18, it was revealed that Alexander had been possessed by the Cancer Lucavi, Yakiv the Condemner. He was killed by Annalise, Germaine and Angus Kenderick with assistance from Pavel Gebara.

Alexander Metaxas

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