Gregorios Larg

Warlord of the Lion War, Man-At-Arms of the Court and Head of House Larg


Age: 32

Height: 6’5”

Weight: 230 lbs

Birth Sign: Gemini

Reputation: The Hammer of Larg

Traits: Mark of Privilege, Stubborn, Gelid, Honored, Prominent Scar, Early Riser.


Some claim to be not accustomed to the arts of tactics and war. Gregorios Larg is not one of them. The younger brother of Bestrada Larg, the White Lion of the Lion War, Gregorios is the warrior his brother never was. One of the decorated remaining heroes of the Lion War, he was present at the battle of Grogh Heights, where the Zodiac Heretic destroyed the dam, causing the flood that ended the War. He watched the rise of House Hyral while he collected the pieces of his brother’s house and reassembled it. Since his eighteenth birthday, he has fought to bring the strength and glory of House Larg back from the brink it was at when The Lion War ended. The Hokuten, destroyed. The Beoulves, killed or treacherous. His people, destitute. This will not stop him.

Cold, calculating and committed to the cause, he will conduct the rise of House Larg once again. Though his respect for the peasants is almost non-existant, he watches the nobles with great interest and continues to carefully watch the developments of the Order of Engineers in Goug Machine City.

In session 3, Gregorios Larg was terribly wounded by Angus Kenderick. He remains in recovery at Igros Castle until his wound is healed completely.

In session 18, Gregorios was killed by Angus Kenderick when Fort Besselat was taken back from the forces of the Crown.

Gregorios Larg

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