New Age of Ivalice

Session 13: The Truth Shall Set You Free

“My father faced horrors few men ever see. I have seen the face of the demons that plague our country, masquerading as men and women. I cannot abide their presence, they must be reaped from our country as weeds from a field. God give me strength to see this through.” -Draco Nar’Orlandu

“The power of Faith surprises me. Few can work the miracles the legends speak of, but I have seen one in person. I watched an exorcism that banished the most terrible thing I’ve ever seen. I watched as powerful magics bounced from it’s carapace, and yet words whispered to a deity brought it low. Perhaps there is more power in the Church than even the High Priest realizes.” -Alexander Metaxas

“New allies against enemies long thought destroyed. These men and women weren’t brought together under the hammer of war, but under the veil of fear. I doubt a pact forged under such circumstances will last.” -Agrias Oaks

“They will not go unpunished. If they defy me, I will take from them all they hold dear; land, money, titles. No ones defies the King of Ivalice and gets away unscathed!” -King Delita Hyral



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