New Age of Ivalice

Session 12: Sins of the Twins

“My son is dead. I don’t know who did it, but I have a pretty good idea. And when I get my hands on them they will know what it is to have all they hold dear taken from them as it has been done to my wife and I. They will pay.” -Delita Hyral, King of Ivalice

“My brother is gone. I don’t know who took him or why, though I can guess. Someone who knows our secret has him and I can’t do anything about it. My husband will do all he can to find him, though his hate for the Church worries me; I hope it doesn’t consume him…” -Ilyena Gebara Kenderick a.k.a Alma Beoulve

“Things are not as they seem. I must find out what is afoot. If they do not know the truth they could doom us all.” -Patriote

“Death at court, and only a boy. Despite being a minor house, what should a man do? What does a Knight do? What would my father have done? He would not have stood for the murder of children, as he did not stand for the death of Prince Orinas. I must assist my King in his time of need and find the monster who would kill a child for personal gain.” -Draco Nar’Orlandu



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